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    Newest Boys List

    So after a week of trying to find new names I've got the longest list I've ever had.

    1. I have a ton of Biblical names. Would it be odd if all but one boy had a Biblical name? (Ex. Isaac, Levi, Simon, and August)
    2. I keep coming back to names that end in -er. Is a two syllable name ending in -er (Jasper) too much with a two syllable last name ending in -er?
    3. I seem to have a love of names that start with "t" or "th" as middle names. I can't use them all so I'm looking for opinions on which one(s) to use. These are: Tadgh (Teeg), Tamerlane, Tancred, Thaddeus, Thane, Theron, Tiago, Torben, Torbjorn, and Torin. (yes, that's a lot of Tor. We both like Nordic mythology and Tor is easy to translate.)

    Some new combos I'm looking for opinions on:

    Lorcan Theron
    Stellan Nicobar
    Jasper Dante
    Casey Caradoc
    Theo Evander
    Jeremiah Oisin (osh-een)
    Ronan Amadeus
    Gregory Lir
    Simon Thane
    Sebastian Willem
    August Kane

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    Nice list! I'm not a fan of Jasper, and Jeremiah seems out of place, but I really love Stellan and Ronan!

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    Facorites in bold:

    Lorcan Theron - not a fan of Lorcan. I should look into the meaning but for some reason it sounds like a villain
    Stellan Nicobar - Like Stellan. Nicobar not so much
    Jasper Dante - The Dante is a nice masculine counterpoint to the milder Jasper
    Casey Caradoc - I don't like the repeat of the hard C on this combination. (sidenote: i love nn 'CC' for a girl)
    Theo Evander - Nice. Like this one a lot.
    Jeremiah Oisin (osh-een) - meh...
    Ronan Amadeus - My favorite on the list.
    Gregory Lir - I like. Strong. Lir definitely makes George more attractive.
    Simon Thane - Nice. No arguments against this one
    Sebastian Willem - Solid name
    August Kane - Sounds like a man of honor

    Favorites in bold:
    Tadgh - are there alternate pronunciations? I feel like this will have to be repeated...all the time
    Tamerlane - just ok for me
    Tancred - not appealing to me
    Thaddeus - Handsome name. Love!
    Thane - I like. Easy to pronounce but has a touch of 'superhero' to it
    Theron - II like this one a lot too
    Tiago - sounds like an exotic bird
    Torben, Torbjorn, and Torin - These are all very similar. My heart says Torbjorn (definitely guilty pleasure material) but my mind says Torben. Torin is the least interesting.

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    1. No, I don't think so.
    2. It depends. I don't think something like Jasper Carter or Oscar Tucker is a big deal, but some berries will tell you it's a sign of the apocalypse.
    3. I like Thaddeus, Tiago, and Torin.

    As for the combos, I like:

    Casey Caradoc -- it's stylistically mismatched and super quirky but somehow it works
    Theo Evander
    Jeremiah Oisin
    Ronan Amadeus
    Gregory Lir -- is Lir like Llyr?
    Sebastian Willem
    August Kane

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    Thanks everyone!
    Last name is very similar to Becker. Youngest BIL is Oscar Becker and some days it doesn't bother me and some days it drives me batty.
    Lorcan means little fierce one which is part of its appeal to me because I can see it on a feisty little kid. Lir is the Irish version of Llyr.
    I like quirky. It almost fits with OH's vintage/trendy vintage family names that I'm not a huge fan of without being too different.
    And its still a split decision of Torbjorn, Torben and Torin. It will probably be a middle but I can't use all three (especially since Torbjorn and Torben have the same meaning).
    Also would Tiago seem totally off on a child with no Spanish/Portuguese background? While I was looking through databases I saw a lot of German names that had Spanish and Portuguese variants that I liked but no names that had gone from Spanish to German. That was interesting to me since it seemed that it was from mingling of culture so I would have thought it to go both ways.

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