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    Help with our names list?

    We have a baby due in April and are trying to find a girl name, or at least narrow it down. Our last name is two syllables, we're almost definitely planning to use Philippa (a family name) as the middle name, and our first child is Annika Vivian. So, that in mind, what do you think of the following names:

    Lucinda (doesn't go well with Philippa?)
    Ezri (too weird?)
    Rowan (too masculine, especially to go with Annika?)
    Reina or Reyna
    Felicity (we wouldn't use Philippa with this one...)

    Any additional suggestions?
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    My favorite with Philippa is actually Ezri and I think Annika and Ezri are really cute together.

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    Phillipa Corinne is lovely!

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    Annika Vivian is so pretty!

    Personally, I would rule out the F names, the -a ending names, and 3 syllable names with the same cadence as Philippa.

    I agree with pp that Philippa Corinne is lovely, but Corinne Philippa does not flow very well to me. Would you consider using Philippa as the first name? nn Pippa or Poppy maybe?

    Otherwise, i think Rowan Philippa sounds the best. i think Annika and Rowan are cute together!
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    Fiona - Fiona Philippa has too much of the F sound in it, IMHO
    Lucinda (doesn't go well with Philippa?) - They're both very frilly, so I would be quicker to suggest using it for another daughter
    Ezri (too weird?) - I am not a fan of the combo
    Valerie - Perhaps something slightly less nicknamey?
    Rowan (too masculine, especially to go with Annika?) - I think they work fine together, actually, but I don't like the sound of Rowan Philippa
    Maris - LOVE
    Mira - First and middle names rhyming this closely is a bit of a turn-off for me
    Corinne - LOVE
    Reina or Reyna - Not my favorite
    Felicity - Again, I think this has too much F in it

    I REALLY like Maris Philippa and Corinne Philippa. Maris probably trumps Corinne for me, honestly. Honorable mention goes to Valerie. Other suggestions...

    Brigitte Philippa
    Claire Philippa
    Coralie Philippa
    Elise Philippa
    Esme Philippa
    Helena Philippa (I know this breaks my own rules, but I like it)
    Ingrid Philippa
    Iris Philippa
    Rosalind Philippa
    Rosemary Philippa
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