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    Talking Seeking Nirvana!

    Hi! My name is Sharmaine. I'm currently 7 months along. My boyfriend and I haven't elected to be told our baby's sex; we would both rather keep the suspense intact until our child is born. If the baby is a boy, we have decided to name him Eric James after the baby's father, Eric, and my uncle James. On the other hand we are having some difficulty selecting (and agreeing upon) an ideal name for a baby girl. We both like Joy as a potential middle name.

    I love the name Nirvana, and its' ethereal connotations. My boyfriend, however, has some reservations about this name (pop-culture references to the grunge-rock band Nirvana and its' late lead singer, Kurt Cobain.) Neither of us wants our daughter to dislike her name or get ridiculed for it by bullies among her future classmates and peers (eww.... you smell like teen spirit! etcetera.) But I keep gravitating back to this lovely word due to the Buddhist definitions:

    As defined by Merriam-Webster Online:

    nir·va·na noun, often capitalized \nir-ˈvä-nə, (ˌ)nər-\
    : the state of perfect happiness and peace in Buddhism where there is release from all forms of suffering

    : a state or place of great happiness and peace

    Full Definition of NIRVANA

    : the final beatitude that transcends suffering, karma, and samsara and is sought especially in Buddhism through the extinction of desire and individual consciousness
    a : a place or state of oblivion to care, pain, or external reality; also : bliss, heaven
    b : a goal hoped for but apparently unattainable : dream
    — nir·van·ic adjective

    Here is a list of other girl names that I would consider as I find their sound and/or meanings particularly beautiful.


    Aiko - love child
    Amina - trusted
    Amirah - Princess
    Charlotte - free
    Mirembe - woman of peace
    Nnenne - mother of my mother
    Amara - grace
    Asha - life
    Zuri - beautiful
    Nadiyah - Announcer
    Niloufar - lotus
    Taisa / Thais / Taissa
    Kamala - lotus, pale red
    Nalini - lotus
    Tara - star, astral deity, feminine form of buddha
    Phoebe - bright, pure. associated with moon grandmother of Artemis.
    Amandine - much-loved, also an almond topping for French pastries.

    Please help! Feel free to make name suggestions out of the ones I have provided, or share your opinion about Nirvana. Yay, nays, and any of your reasons why. Thank you.

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    I know a Nirvana and I think it is a beautiful name! I had never heard of the band before so I'm assuming others wouldn't associate her name with it either. There are lots of lovely names on your maybe list, I love these the most:


    Other suggestions: Aurelia, Atara, Delphine, Anouk, Tallulah

    Good luck

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    Sorry i think people would immediately think of the band. They were great but I wouldn't want to be named after them. You have very different taste in girls names to your choice for a boy. I like Naomi the most.

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    Thank you so much, Brynie and Jakki!

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    I would pass on Nirvana. Besides the band reference and potential use of the name in sexual jokes as a teenager, the fact that it's an important part of a religion turns me away from the name. But, I'm also not fond of names like Bishop, Cohen, and Messiah for the same sort of reason; I feel like it takes something that people find sacred and makes it mundane. Just my opinion though, as others love those types of names.

    Some of the ones I like off your list: Amirah, Joy, Naomi, Aurora, Aurelie (but be prepared for potential sexual jokes during the teenage years), Indigo, Aria, Taisa / Thais / Taissa, Charlotte, Tara, Phoebe, Natalia

    Other suggestions: Rhea, Maia, Thalia, Minerva, Avani, Mireille
    Kalina Lenore ◊ Ada Caroline ◊ Lyra Marceline ◊ Maeva Colette ◊ Lucia Ninette
    Marcella Margot ◊ Ivy Junonia/Junonia Ivy ◊ Myra Delphine ◊ Eva Peridot

    Felix Rhodes ◊ Ronan Laszlo ◊ Gabriel Orev ◊ Arthur Frederick ◊ Conrad Mateo
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