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Thread: Mason ____ Jude

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    Mason ____ Jude

    Hi berries, I'm stuck on what name to put between Mason and Jude. I want it to be 6 or more (preferably 7+ but I have 2 combos that are 5-6-4) letters to 'fit' alongside hypothetical sister Liliana Isabelle Rose.

    So far, I have:

    Mason Reuben Jude (I don't think the 2 -n endings make it flow)
    Mason Anthony Jude (the masON and ANthony collide with each other, WDYT? It also honours my father whereas Liliana Isabelle Rose honours nobody)
    Mason Elijah Jude (double J's, is it too much?)

    As you can see, the 3 options I have so far all have downfalls that I can't get past.

    What I'm asking is: what is your favourite combo from my 3 above and what would you suggest to fill the gap between Mason and Jude?

    Thank you!

    Eryn, 21, England
    Hoping for a little Lyla Rose or Ezra Jack

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    Bump! Anyone?

    Eryn, 21, England
    Hoping for a little Lyla Rose or Ezra Jack

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    I agree with you that none of your three choices are ideal but I think Mason Anthony Jude is the best option since family honouring trumps flow. I think names that contain a hanging letter (g, j, y etc..) are best for visual appeal and balance because both Mason and Jude are straight lines. Here are some other suggestions.

    Mason Raphael Jude
    Mason Timothy Jude
    Mason Gregory Jude
    Mason Lysander Jude
    Mason Barnaby Jude
    Mason Christopher Jude
    Mason Henry Jude

    If you don't mind using a completely straight-line combo...

    Mason Alexander Jude
    Mason Frederick Jude
    Mason Dominic Jude
    Mason Nathaniel Jude
    Mason Peter Jude
    Mason Gabriel Jude
    Mason Arthur Jude
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    All the best,

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    Mason Anthony sounds okay.

    I was going to suggest Mason Henry Jude.
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