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    I was put under to get mine out. I can't even imagine doing that awake, even with stuff for the pain. I think I would probably have a really hard time with being aware of how much stuff they were doing in there! I have a pretty tiny mouth though, so when I imagine them taking my teeth out I think of my mouth completely stuffed with their surgery stuff. And I feel like they would have to pull pretty hard, so that probably would've stressed me out too.
    As for being afraid to be put under, I feel you there. It's kind of scary. I've had teeth pulled both ways though, and honestly I was more afraid of being awake and feeling the pain than I was of being put under. And I HATE needles, so that part kind of stinks, but they're usually very good at what they do and it doesn't really hurt or anything.
    Anyway, getting my wisdom teeth out wasn't that bad. I went to a dance the day after I think, and I was back at soccer practice the next week. I didn't even take all of my pain medication, because I have this irrational fear of becoming dependent on pain killers. I had friends who had worse experiences though, especially with swelling after. I'm not sure if it's actually effective, but before I got mine out I read somewhere that pineapple juice would reduce the swelling, so I drank a ton of it the whole week before I got them out. I didn't swell at all, but I might've just had an easier surgery than some people do. But pineapple juice is really tasty!
    Anyway, don't panic! If you have a high pain tolerance like you said, it won't be that bad, and you need to get rid of them anyway if they're as bad as you said. Just hope you're not like my friend, she has one that keeps growing back somehow!

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    @shalexis -- I had those thoughts when I first went in too :P I have a teeny mouth. He used the thing that holds your mouth open, used a scalpel to make a tiny incision, and then used the plier looking things to just pull it out. It took maybe 30 minutes. I guess I never even knew people had to have surgery to get them pulled out. Mine were even all the way grown out yet. It felt like a little pressure, like someone pushing on the tooth, then it's out. I never felt the stitches. It hardly bled during. It bled a lot the day after and that afternoon. You'll have to keep a cotton ball up against it to absorb blood (is what my dentist told me to do) -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I've had about 7 general anasthetic surgeries (where you're completely knocked out) including my wisdom teeth. The first couple of times I had surgery I was a bit freaked out too, mainly because I hate needles. Honestly, though, it's completely fine. My wisdom teeth hadn't actually come through yet, but based on the X-ray my dentist wanted them taken out anyway, so the surgeon had to dig for them.
    I had my wisdom teeth done last year, when I was 18. It was kind of hilarious actually - my twin sister had hers done at the same time and we woke up opposite each other, both with enormous cheeks. We were kind of like, "oh, hi" haha
    If you're put under, you won't remember a thing about the surgery. You'll wake up in recovery probably with an oxygen mask on (they generally try to take it off when they see you stirring). You probably won't remember much of this either. If it's similar to the hospitals I've been in, they generally then move you to a second recovery room, once you're actually awake (I am extremely sensitive to anasthetic so take a loooong time to actually wake up - you'll probably drift in and out of it a bit in the first recovery room). In this room I was given ice chips and stuff, then they made me eat jelly (I think it's Jell-O in USA) and finally I was allowed to leave. My twin and I left the hospital with matching chipmunk cheeks and matching pink icepacks the nurses had tied around our heads. My mum was almost dying of laughter.
    The next few days your mouth will hurt a bit. Make sure you keep right on top of your pain meds. Don't drink anything with a straw (even though you'll probably really want to). I drank a lot of banana smoothies (literally just banana and milk blended together) and ate a lot of soup.
    Good luck! Happy to help with any questions

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    Oh lord. I just had mine taken out, in June. The procedure isn't bad... They knock you out with drugs for it, and you don't feel a thing. But the next few days after it are pretty miserable, and you'll want someone to look after you. I ended up not being able to take my pain pills because I couldn't keep them down even with food... Yuck. Also, I got sooo sick of applesauce. Haha. And I looked like a chipmunk... But after about a week you'll be fine and never have to worry about it again. It's not that bad in retrospect, and the sooner you get it done the better (according to my dad, he had BAD experiances with getting one of his out at an older age).
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    My dentist actually recommended that I just not mess with my wisdom teeth unless they start to cause problems, so depending on your doctor they may not recommend removing the 2 impacted ones. It can be tricky especially if they are close to nerves. I have 3 impacted and one that grew in fully and none of them have given me problems so far, So you never know, I guess.
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