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Thread: I'm Curious...

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    I'm Curious...

    My DH and I are debating on whether or not to start ttc next month and I'm curious what other Berries would name Benton Grover and Arwen Elizabeth's little brother or sister. I have lots of names that I love and so does DH, but none of them really feel perfect in our sibset. I also want to point out that all of our first names end in N; Brian, Cathryn, Benton and Arwen. I'm on the fence about whether to continue that theme and if we don't is the baby going to end up feeling left out?
    I love fantasy, Greek, literary, and nature names for girls. If it sounds like it belongs on a woodland fairy, I'll probably love it. For boys, I like names that sound like they could be used for a man of Rohan or Gondor or used in GoT.
    DH likes a lot of clunky/cool names like Temperance, Clementine, Humphrey, and Hugh. He loves retro movies, but he's also a fan of LOTR and GoT too, so he'll also be cool with names that sound like they could have come from those books.

    I can't wait to see what you Berries come up with! Thanks!
    ~Cathryn Elizabeth~

    Stay at home mommy to Benton Grover and Arwen Elizabeth.

    Baby #3 is due on Turkey Day 2015!

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    I would continue to stick with 2 syllable names ending in n and not repeat any of the first letters at this point...
    As far as suggestions go this is a great site for names like that... Probably something Gaelic or ... Hmm...

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