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    Round 1:

    The Bazzoli’s

    Rosalia Mia Bazzoli: Rosalia is a quiet woman in her mid-twenties. She has a penchant for writing long, free-verse poetry and is a heavy user of both consonance and assonance.

    Doriano Armani Bazzoli: Doriano is two years older than his wife. He works as an English professor at the local community college. He loves to read Rosalia’s poetry.

    The Bazzoli’s have been married for three years now, and haven’t been able to decide at what point in their lives together they want kids. They are both overjoyed when Rosalia finds that she is pregnant with a baby girl.

    They decide that her name will be: Carolina Scout Bazzoli

    The Slocums

    Lori Abbigale Slocum: Lori is in her early thirties, and has hated her name all her life, and has considered legally changing it to Laura or Lauren all her life. But that name is just so popular with people her age, and she doesn’t want that either.

    Curtis Henry Slocum, Jr.: Curtis doesn’t understand why Lori would want to change her name to Laura or Lauren. Just so she can have a longer name to put on paper? Everyone would still call her Lori anyway.

    The Slocums have been married for seven years. They’re both nervous when Lori finds that she’s pregnant with a girl, but they feel they’re definitely ready for it.

    After careful consideration, they decide to name their daughter: Felicity Rose "Lissy" Slocum

    The Hales

    Sean Michael Hale: Sean is in his mid-twenties. He loves his music, especially music that is older than he is. He could practically teach his own history class on the Beatles.

    Roxanne Reese Hale: Roxanne shares her husband’s love for music. They met in a band Roxanne and her friends created as teenagers – Sean was their drummer. Though the band was fairly successful, Roxanne quit after just two years. She’s never wanted music to be any more than a hobby for her.

    The Hale’s have been married for six years when Roxanne reveals that she’s pregnant with a little boy! They are elated!

    After many disagreements, Sean and Roxanne decide to name their son: Maxwell Lennon Hale

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