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    Oh forgot to suggest Adele.

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    Holly is my favourite. I think Clara and Holly are complimentary without being matchy.
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    I really like Clara and Holly. I know a Clara and Lucy.
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    Name ideas for a sister to Clara

    Clara and...

    Alice - short and traditional, like Clara
    Audrey - again, a stylish classic
    Bianca - I think this is a little unusual, just thought it might sound nice with Clara
    Caroline - a more stylish version of the Christmas Carol
    Danica - means "morning star", I think star imagery is very Christmas-y
    Eleanor - pretty and traditional, but not over-used
    Hazel - I like this with Clara
    Holly - for obvious reasons!
    Isla - Again, I think it goes nicely with Clara
    Matilda - I like the "a"-endings together!
    Miriam - One of my favourite names, I think it's under-used!
    Natasha - meaning "born on Christmas day"
    Noelle - obviously a Christmas-y name!
    Olivia - I think this is the same type of name as Clara
    Penelope (Penny) - I think Penny sounds nice with Clara
    Rosie - this makes me think of a red rose, which could be Christmas-y
    Ruby - again, the red colour is festive
    Scarlet - same as Ruby
    Vesper - this means "evening star" so similar to Danica!

    Hope you like some of these names and congrats on your wonderful news!

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