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    Is this a good diet?

    I'm starting high school in less than a month. While I am excited for school supply shopping, clothes, new haircut, and blue colored contacts (if my mom says yes), I can't help but secretly dread it because of my weight. I'm not extremely overweight or anything, but I'm aware that I should be smaller for my age and height. I asked my mom for diet food, and here's a small schedule I made for myself:

    Breakfast - Oatmeal
    Lunch - Chicken salad
    Snack - Granola bar
    Dinner - One serving of whatever my mom makes that night. If it's fast food, I'll ask for a salad or I'll have a PB&J sandwich

    I'm determined to stop drinking tea and soda and have lots of water. I'll also go outside and play with my dogs and keep my electronics to a minimal. All of this will be nothing if I don't have dedication, and I'm wondering what I have here is a good idea.

    What advice do you have? I'm fourteen, about 5ft 4in (1.63m) and about 130 lbs (59 kg). I'm not sure exactly how much weight I'm aiming to lose, but I know it will take time and dedication. I know I can do it, and I'd appreciate anything you have to offer
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    It honestly depends upon your serving size. It sounds okay, but remember that you also need healthy fats like raw nuts, avocado, olive oil, oily fish (salmon, etc.). This will make losing weight a lot easier, trust me. Please don't be super strict either, that will just lead to binge eating, no matter how dedicated you are: if you go out to dinner, enjoy it, don't go overboard, but enjoy it. You really don't need to lose much weight, if any at all, but doing strength and cardio exercise will decrease fat and increase muscle, which is smaller than fat. Gaining muscle doesn't mean you'll look like Hulk Hogan, it is what happens when you look 'toned.'

    Find a type of exercise you enjoy: swimming, running, HIIT exercises (HIIT is among my favourite), etc. and stick to it. You also need raw fruit (apples, bananas, oranges, etc.). Granola bars are pretty sugary usually, and while sugar isn't the devil, just be aware that you will be hungrier faster, and it is of no nutritional benefit (though bars are delicious, so if you want to eat it, go ahead). A piece of fruit and a handful of nuts would be a better snack nutritionally, and provide more slow burning energy. If you are super super hungry, don't be silly like I was when I was your age and starve yourself: eat something, it'll probably do your metabolism good.

    HIIT exercise is really really good. Honestly, you only need / should do it for about 15-20 minutes, and that's enough. You should still go for walks and play with your dogs and everything, but it is a time poor persons godsend. I think more than anything, you just need to include more fruits and vegetables and exercise a bit more. I don't think you need to eat less at all.

    Good luck, take care of yourself, and please please please be careful.
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    Become a member of caloriecounter.about. When I just started to log my food, it was hard, but then I realized I eat less calories and I'm still full. I even eat (small amount of) sweets and snacks. Loosing weight becomes something very easy. I lost 4kg. Of course, you do need to plan a meal and you can't eat everything you want and there isn't magical formula, but log in foods and keeping tracks how many calories I eaten really made my dieting easy.

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    At your age, I would speak with a doctor about any diets and exercise plans. They can help advise you on what is a healthy calorie range for your age. People tend to have more success, and lose weight in a healthier way when they set long term goals, and make life style changes, rather than "I want to be skinny in a month."

    I would definitely speak to your family doctor before starting any dieting plan. I don't know what your mom usually makes for dinner, but it seems to me that your plan doesn't have enough calories, specially taking into account an increase in activity. I don't know what is considered healthy for early teenagers, since I am in my early twenties, I only know what is recommended for adults.

    I just want to stress getting input from someone qualified to adivse you on your calories per day, and calorie deficits.
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    I'm not qualified to say what a good diet is, but I'm glad you're not starving yourself and seem to have a plan to eat regularly, and cutting soda is always good for your health. Based on the stats that you provided, your Body Mass Index is 22.5, so actually perfectly normal. You are NOT overweight at all. You could weigh 15 pounds more and still be in the healthy range. Granted, it's all averages and depends on your frame, but I hate to see a young person feeling overweight when they're not. I felt like I was grossly overweight all through high school, and when I look back at pictures of myself, I see a person who is perfectly healthy, and I am sad for the years I spent trying to diet and feeling awful about myself. Please don't go the same way. I echo everyone who said you may want to talk to a doctor before dieting, because at 14 you still might be growing.

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