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    Vasilisa, Evanna, Rosalie, Juliette & Arianwen WDYT

    These are my top five girls names. I love all of them but I want to know what other people think. Do they work well together? What nicknames would you use? What middle names would you suggest pairing with it (preferably from my signature)?

    Vasilisa (vass-uh-liss-ah)
    Evanna (ee-van-uh)
    Arianwen (ah-ree-an-wen) harsh A, like Ariadne not Aria
    thinking about...

    Juliet Winona Maeve, Arabella Vittoria Sloane & Frederick Evander Hale

    annika arabella claudia cordelia elara evangeline flora genevieve ginevra irene milena ottilie raphaella rosalie severine verity vivienne
    arlo benedict dean dominic draco evander hale hector hugo louis lupin peter priam regulus remus sirius theodore

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    Do they work well together? I think they do work pretty well together, in an unexpected way. I must say that Vasilisa is the odd girl out for me, but that might just be because she's really NMS.

    What nicknames would you use? Jules, Ro/Rose/Rosie, V/Lisa, Evie (prn. ee-vee), and Ari/Wenny!

    What middle names would you suggest pairing with it (preferably from my signature)? Juliette Alice/Ophelia, Rosalie Clara/Imogen/Ophelia, Vasilisa Belle/Imogen, Evanna Lucy/Verity, and Arianwen Eliza/Elsa/Verity.
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    Vasilisa, the way that you've described the prn, evokes too much vasoline. Does this name have history? I think I'm familiar with Vasila or Vasilia, like Basila or Basilia, Vasil/Basil for boys, but this one seems a stretch. It seems Greek or maybe Russian, because of the history of the name. With a strict prn of that nature, Vah-see-lee-sah, it's pretty, although heavily exotic/ethnic.

    Juliette is pretty and has enough classicness to ground it well.

    Arianwen is out there, but lovely and approachable because of Aria gaining some popularity.

    Rosalie is lovely, its star has been rising with Twilight and might fall a bit, I still think it's a lovely name and the Rose part will always ground it.

    Evanna...I like the idea of it, and it fits certain trends, but it also just evokes Vanna and Ivana for me, which are less pleasing than the name itself. I'd far prefer Eva.

    I'd use/consider Juliette, Rosalie, and Arianwen. Arianwen is NMS more than the other two but it still really appeals, so consider that a good sign. I do think Arianwen, like Vasilisa, stands out from most of your taste. Juliette and Rosalie are natural sisters, for example, and while Evanna wouldn't really fit in with them, it would work enough. Arianwen and Evanna is actually an OK pairing to me, because they both have a Welsh connection.

    What middles to put with them really depends on your taste and last name, if Vasilisa is meaningful to you I think it pairs OK with Juliette or Rosalie up front.

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    Juliette NN Jules, Jewel, Ettie
    Rosalie NN Rose, Zeely, Sasa
    Vasilisa (vass-uh-liss-ah) NN Lissie, Vee, Lissa
    Evanna (ee-van-uh) NN Eh-vee, Vanna, Evan, Eva
    Arianwen NN Ari, Wennie, Ria
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