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    What are everyone's top 20 names for a girl?
    Adelina "Lina"
    Magdalena "Lena"
    Élisabeth "Libby"
    Seraphina "Phina"
    Evangeline "Evie"
    Rosamund "Rosa"
    Josephine "Josie"
    Cecilia "Lia"

    How do you choose/eliminate names or combinations?

    I just discover names that I might like, as a kind of "if I like X, then I'd love Y" thing. To eliminate names, I'll often find variants of the name in question if I've gone off it a little.

    How do you choose middles?

    I find names from my extended list that have the best flow with my preferred first name for them.

    What are your top 3 combinations off your list?

    Adelina "Lina" Sophia, Magdalena "Lena" Élisabeth and Isla Aveline.
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    I try not to think much about what I'll actually use for a baby one day. I don't want to set my mind to using something and later learn that my significant other knew an awful person by this name and doesn't want our child to be called that. While I imagine the naming process would mostly be on me (yup, I'm that selfish, lol), it would be important to me that he loves the name, too.

    Therefore, my current list is more of a 'just for fun' list. I can picture myself using any name from it, though, even these that go against my general 'naming rules'. I mean, it would be awesome to find a name that isn't popular where we'll be raising the baby, that works well in many different countries/cultures (including Russia), that's easy to spell and pronounce and that comes with some lovely nickname options... But in the end, what really matters is that we both genuinely love it.

    As for combinations and middles, I won't be using family names, so the most important thing to me, again, is that I love the sound of the name and it flows well. Generally, I try to combine names that work well together stylistically. Nice meaning of a first/middle name is a great bonus, but most of my favorite names hold personal significance for me anyways.

    I keep a name/combo on my list as long as I love it. Honestly, right now my list is such a mess, lol.

    Top 20 (+ Some nicknames and combos, not sure about these, though.)

    #1. Clementine; Clementine Phoebe, Clem/Clemmie
    #2. Ottoline; Ottilie/Tilly
    #3. Romilly; Romy/Milly
    #4. Sybella
    #5. Matilda; Matilda Eloise, Tilly
    #6. Wilhelmina; Willa/Billie
    #7. Tallulah; Lula
    #8. Marlowe
    #9. Emiliana
    #10. Saskia
    #11. Florence; Flora
    #12. Cosima
    #13. Bryony; Bryony Lavinia
    #14. Harriet; Harriet Amelia, Hattie
    #15. Mabel; Mae
    #16. Philippa; Pippa
    #17. Ramona; Ramona Alice, Romy
    #18. Beatrix; Beatrix Eugenie, Bea
    #19. Sidonia; Sidonie
    #20. Eulalia; Eulalie

    Top 3 Combinations

    #1. Clementine Phoebe
    #2. Beatrix Eugenie
    #3. Harriet Amelia

    I have a huge list, but almost no combos. I should probably ask Berries for some help. For some reason, I find it easier to think of combos for other people rather than for myself.
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    My top 20, as of right now
    Sailor Blythe
    Beatrix Monet
    Clio Eleanor/Adelaide
    Rowan Eliza
    Margo Emmeline
    Astrid Harper
    Lux Esme
    Sonnet Isadore
    Skye Genevieve
    Vada Bronte
    Quinn Rosalie
    Wren Florence
    Nora Saffron
    Marni Camilla

    That's only about 15, but it's hard to think of 20 solid combinations that I love.
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    Top 20 (no combos)
    Helena (or Elaina)
    Madeleine (or Magdalene)

    How do you eliminate names/combos?
    I don't. Or, at least, I have a really hard time doing it! Usually, if I'm doing first names, I try to picture a child with that name and sometimes even say it out loud. If I decide it's not first-name worthy, it goes to the middle name list.

    How do you choose middles?
    My family has a tradition of giving each child a saint's name, typically in the middle spot. I want to try to keep with this tradition, but sometimes I use the saint name as a first name if I really like it or if I think the combo flows better flip-flopped. I also like using literary names (for example Lucy, Elanor, and Atticus) if possible.

    What are your top three combos off your list?
    Most of my favorites are in my signature. Some of the middle names may not be on my "favorites" list--this is because I love the name for the person it honors and not the name itself. My top four (sorry, can't cut one! haha):

    Rosemary Luthien
    Jane Magnolia
    Lucy Magdalene
    Elizabeth Therese

    These are just my favorites individually, not necessarily for sisters.
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    Elanor Magdalene | Finnian ??
    Rosemary Lark | Calder Timothy
    Genevieve ?? | William Augustine
    Agnes Valentine | Harrison Peter

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    Elizabeth ~ Therese ~ Maisy ~ Susannah ~ Molly ~ Juniper

    August ~ Harrison ~ Benedict ~ Andrew/Ander ~ Ignatius
    Peter ~ Percival/Percy ~ Bram ~ Lewis ~ Oliver ~ Calvin

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    Top 20 Names
    Anneliese "Liesl"
    Beatrice "Beanie"
    Cordelia "Cora"
    Dorothy "Dolly"
    Elspeth "Elsie"
    Fiona "Fee"
    Gretel "---"
    Harriet "Hettie"
    Imogen "Ginny"
    Juliet "Jules"
    Katherine "Kit"
    Linnea "Linnie"
    Margot "Meg"
    Nell "---"
    Prudence "Prue"
    Ramona "Romy"
    Sylvie "---"
    Tess "---"
    Vivienne "Vivi"
    Willa "---"

    How do you choose/eliminate names or combinations?
    I usually let a new name roll around my head for a few days. If it's just a passing fancy, I'll get bored of it quickly; if I can't stop thinking about it, it's usually a keeper. Then, I think "could I actually name a living, breathing child this name; how would it age with them? Will it make them a walking target? etc..." That usually rules out quite a few names, but some, despite failing this test, remain on the list because I really love them (Prudence is an example of this!). For combinations, I like mine to flow well and match stylistically - be contrasting, but complementary. For example, If the first name is quite traditional, classic or serious, I like pair with a more exotic, frilly or whimsical middle to bring it to life; if the first is more unusual, I like to ground it with a more well-known classic middle. That said, some of the combos I come up with can be quite OTT and some are maybe overly safe and reserved.

    Top Five Combinations (couldn't do just three, sorry!)
    The first two have family significance, the others I just love and keep coming back to time and time again!

    Fiona Lorraine - Lorraine is my Mum's name; she is the most important person in my life, so I feel it is my honour to honour her, if that makes sense! Fiona has been my number one girl's name for a long time; it has everything I love in a name - simple feminine elegance with a tough, spunky, fun streak that will suit many different types of personality. It has many good associations for me including Fiona Glennane on Burn Notice and Princess Fiona in Shrek (yes I see this as a good thing; what little girl doesn't want to share her name with a princess, especially a tough, kick-ass one?!). It is also fairly uncommon where I live, but still familiar with no major spelling or pronunciation issues - always a bonus!

    Margot Anneliese - honors several members of my extended family in one name - how cool is that?! Also love that Margot, being a diminutive of Margaret, could carry any of the nicknames commonly used for its parent name - Meg, Maggie and Gretel/Greta being my favourites.

    Nell Cordelia - I love how the slightly frilly, feminine and elegant Cordelia brings the more reserved and studious Nell to life! Even though Nell is considered a nickname, I feel it ages just fine on its own because I can see her clearly in my mind all through her life from a tiny tot to rambunctious little pre-teen to elegant, successful woman to dainty, little old lady!

    Beatrice Eleanor - I love the classic, feminine, dainty feel of this! I love the nickname possibilities too - Beanie/Beanie-Ella for a little kid, Bea or Elle for when she's older. I keep going back and forth about whether to use Beatrice or Beatrix, but I feel Beatrice works better with the serious, regal feel of Eleanor.

    Tess Vivienne - I love the no-nonsense spunkiness that Tess exudes, and how it's countered by the elegant femininity and slight frilliness of Vivienne. I imagine a very pretty little madam who loves to get her own way, but has a heart of gold. She would love to play dress-up and hold lavish tea-parties with her barbie dolls, but also not be afraid to get dirty when rough-housing with the boys!

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