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    WDYT of the name Joss?

    Joss Whedon (director, writer, Buffy) and Joss Stone (UK soul singer) are two of my favorites. WDYT of the name Joss? It means the merry one. Do you think it's a problem that it's a unisex name?
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    I went to school with a Joss who would now be in his 20's. It's not my style at all, but I definitely see it as a boy name.
    I do know a girl named Joscelyn who has the nickname Joss though.
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    I love it! I prefer it for a boy. But here, in the UK, Jocelyn with nn Joss is quite a popular name, so I think it would be seen as a little strange on a boy here. I would probably use it as a nickname for Joseph (same as Joss Whedon).

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    I love it! I think it would be cute on wither gender, but I would probably assume a baby 'Joss' was a boy
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    Quote Originally Posted by moonkai View Post
    I love it! I think it would be cute on either gender, but I would probably assume a baby 'Joss' was a boy

    Agree with this
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