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    HELP! New name needed for an early 20-year-old girl.

    I know you're thinking this isn't the usual type of question around here, but I MUST change my name and I feel I need expert help choosing one. After reading around the forum for ideas I'm convinced you all are the professionals at this, so please help with suggestions and feedback (Apologies for the wall of text and life story but it adds context; read the simple version if you're only slightly interested).

    The Simple Version:
    Right now I'm lost between a few first names. Noelle and Felicity are top tier choices, but I'm also interested in Autumn and Aria.

    For middle names, I like any of the rejected first names as well as Mia, Leah, and the more interesting but conspicuous Aurelia, Aurora, and Serafina. Obvious the combination would have to flow well.

    I'm also interested in any similar names (in form or in spirit) that you all might want to see in the mix. This is your chance to name an (almost) grown adult, so have fun! Read more if you're not already bored. And thank you for feedback.

    The Tantalizing Background:
    I'm a transgender girl in my early twenties. I've known I was a girl all my life and I'm finally doing the transition to I've always dreamed about. I've been on hormones for half a year now and I'm finally starting to feel 'at home' in my body because of the changes. That's inspired me to take the next step in my transition, the name change. The name I choose will go on my reissued birth certificate, drivers license, passport and social security card. More importantly, it's obviously the name I will be using socially and at work (I'll be an accredited lawyer in a year). I understand that it will shape the way people perceive and respond to me, which is why I need your help.

    As a trans woman there are some special considerations that make this different from naming a baby. Even if I like a name, I still might not be able to use it because the name isn't passable (meaning it doesn't raise any suspicion about me being trans).
    • it has to be clearly female, because a unisex name might cause people to read me as male if I'm only passing marginally.
    • it has to sound real, not like an obvious artificial creation that will tip people off.
    • should fit in with my age group, which makes it more passable. I was born in 1991.

    Then there also some bonus criteria from my wish list:
    • Start with A and short. My given first name starts with an A and is one syllable; I find that rhythm very familiar and comforting.
    • It should be like a 'Zoe,' by which I mean it stands out while fitting in. Not that it should rhyme with Zoe or anything, and I can't use Zoe or Chloe because I know too many other transgirls with those names.
    • I generally like Italian and Virtue names but it doesn't have to be either of those, that's just sort of the feel I like in a name though. I like the name to carry meaning or a story.
    • It has to feel like me, which I know is impossible to describe. Sorry.
    • My last name rhymes with Woolf and I'm pretty sure I'm keeping it. So the names have to either fit with that or include a new surname, which im open to.

    I used the name Felicity when I went to therapy and my psych would always call me by it. I picked it out when I was 16 because I really love the story of the Roman martyr St. Felicity. It's actually my confirmation name. But there's also something a little tin about it when I hear other people say it. Maybe that's unfamiliarity, and if it had always been my name I wouldn't feel it. Maybe it's not. Some combinations I like are Felicity Mia, Felcity Noelle, or Felicity Autumn.

    Noel is a family name because it's my grandmother's, mother's and sister's middle names. I heard it a lot growing up when my sister would get yelled at, so it doesn't have that familiarity problem. I add a twist and spell it Noelle because it looks prettier and can't be mistaken for a boys name. Possible combos: Noelle Aria, Noelle Autumn, Noelle Aurelia.

    Edit: Here was my original list with some ridiculously unpassable names I just liked.
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    This is an interesting name challenge....

    Your list: Noelle, Felicity, Autumn, Mia, Aria, Leah, Aurelia, Aurora, Seraphina.
    My opinion: Don't choose Noelle - give yourself your own name, not one you share with so many people. Autumn is a favorite of mine but it lacks for nn's. Aurelia may have pronunciation issues. Aurora is nice but nn Rory? is not great). Felicity, Leah, Mia, Seraphina are ok - just nms.

    Other Suggestions:
    (A+, short, uncommon-familiar, feminine, story-ish, ___ Woolf)

    Ava - beware it's very popular
    Maeve or Maeva *
    Alice nn Ally or Lissie *
    Abra (A as in May, A-bruh)
    Anastasia nn Ana or Stacy *
    Catalina nn Cat, Katie or Lina
    Rhiannon nn Annie, Rhia, Nonnie *
    Elisaveta nn Elsie, Sasa, Lisa, Vida
    Jane *
    Elspeth, Elise, Elsa, Elena, Elizabeth nn Elsie
    Calliope nn Callie, Lilo *
    Callista nn Callie
    Maia *
    * a name with a cool story or history

    Final advice: Do not pick a name with pronunciation issues; it will drive you crazy. Good luck!
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    * My name is Adelaide. I love to play with names.*
    Saffron Jane Calliope - Seraphine Mariah Rose - Rhiannon Noelle - Rowan Mazarine - Oswell Constantine - Maceo Alexander - Lucas Balthazar - Israfel Ronin - Paul Constantine - Malcolm Ephraim

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    So many good ones on that list! Like Callista/Callie, Maia, and especially Nora (which keeps popping up at me recently).
    I agree, Il ove Ava too, but it's a bit too 'right now.' On the other hand, I'd be about 20 years older than most Ava's so maybe it wouldn't matter?

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    My favourite of your choices is Autumn Felicity

    I was born a few years after you, but these are some names that fit into your style that I've heard on my classmates;


    desirae alyssa ✿ stephanie abigail ✿ melissa jayde ✿ tiffany isabella ✿ lindsey olivia ✿ heather amelia ✿ shayla lily ✿ kelly christina
    aaron jacob ✿ michael james ✿ andrew lucas ✿ jake william ✿ chandler robert ✿ adam hunter ✿ matthew parker ✿ zachary daniel

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    Lexi! I think I've been overlooking that one. Although there's another famous transgender woman named Alexis, who I don't want to be associated with Lily is so pretty, and I wish I could, but for some reason I just can't see myself in it. Also, one issue is that I already am friends with a few girls with those names, so it would be really awkward to change my name to the same as theirs, no?
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