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    Cair Paravel :)
    Erm, I feel like mine would be really, really long, haha. But I'll give it a go, anyhow.

    A. Arianne, Aurora, Aurelie/Aurelia, Amelie, Azalea, Annelies/Annie, Audrey.
    B. Beatrix, Bryony, Belle.
    C. Charlotte, Catherine, Claire, Camille/Camilla, Clara, Cecilia.
    D. Daphne, Delaney, Daisy.
    E. Emmeline, Ella, Emilia, Eleni, Eleanor, Eva, Eliora.
    F. Felicity, Fleur, Fiona, Fiora/Fiorella.
    G. Grace, Genevieve, Gemma, Greer/Grier.
    H. Hannah, Hadley.
    I. Isabelle, Ivy, Iris, Isla, Imogen.
    J. Julia, Josephine, Jane, Johanna.
    K. Kaia, Kate/Katherine.
    L. Lily, Lillian, Liliana, Lilia, Lucia, Louisa, Lou, Luella, Lila, Lisette.
    M. Magdalena, Mia, Maren, Madeleine.
    N. Nadia, Natalie, Noelle.
    O. Olivia, Olive, Ophelia, Odette, Odilia, Odile, Oona.
    P. Penelope, Poppy, Portia.
    Q. Quinn
    R. Rachel, Rosalie, Ruby, Rosamund.
    S. Sybilla/Sybella, Sophie/Sofia, Serena, Sylvia.
    T. Tess, Tallulah, Tabitha.
    U. Ursula.
    V. Violet, Valeria, Verity.
    W. Winter, Wisteria, Wren, Winslet (GP).
    X. Xanthe, Xenia (although I think I prefer Ksenia).
    Y. Yasmina/Yasmin.
    Z. Zara, Zoe, Zinnia. (For sure. I'm sure there are some others I'm forgetting!)

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    Maeby Alana ❤ Saela Eliza

    Marlow - Romy - Busy - Xanthe - Vaeda
    Crosby - Zefram - Jedi - Gannon - Ledger

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    * My name is Adelaide. I love to play with names.*
    Saffron Jane Calliope - Seraphine Mariah Rose - Rhiannon Noelle - Rowan Mazarine - Oswell Constantine - Maceo Alexander - Lucas Balthazar - Israfel Ronin - Paul Constantine - Malcolm Ephraim

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    Abby|17|Writer|Competitive Dancer|Class of 2017

    Iris Michaela | Maeve Isadora | Saela Vesper | Sabrina Fleur | Eloise Orchid | Juno Delilah
    August Laurence | Torin Wilder | Memphis Grey | Cassian Leo | Nico Xavier | Felix Orion

    Get into college first. Come up with new combos after.


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    Arranged in order of preference, for each letter. And I'm probably forgetting a lot, but oh well.

    A: Amelia, Astrid, Alice, Augusta/Augustina
    B: Bryony, Beatrix, Bronwen, Bernadette, Billie
    C: Clementine, Cosima, Charlotte/Charlie, Cybele, Caia, Cleo, Cassia, Celestia/Celestine, Clara, Celine, Capucine, Clemence, Cricket (Cricket is a guilty pleasure.)
    D: Daisy, Delfina, Delilah, Dahlia
    E: Emiliana, Elsie, Eloise, Elinor, Eugenie, Esther, Emmeline, Eulalia/Eulalie, Elowen, Eira
    F: Flora, Florence, Fabienne, Freja, Fae, Frida, Fiona
    G: Gaia, Gemma, Georgia
    H: Harriet, Hazel, Harlow, Halcyon, Hebe
    I: Ivy, Isla, Isabelle, Imogen, India
    J: Jemima, Juniper, Junia/Juno, Jane, Jezebel (Jezebel is a guilty pleasure.)
    K: Kiki (As a nickname only.)
    L: Lula, Lola, Leela/Lela, Lilith, Lucy, Luna, Lux, Lark
    M: Matilda, Marlowe, Mabel, Mae, Milly/Millie, Maisie, Maeve, Moon
    N: Naia, Nola, Noa
    O: Ottoline, Ottilie, Ombeline, Ophelia
    P: Phoebe, Pomeline, Poppy, Philippa, Posey
    Q: Queenie (Only as a nickname.)
    R: Romilly, Romy, Ramona, Rowena/Rowan
    S: Sybella, Saskia, Sophie, Sidonia/Sidonie, Saffron, Seraphina, Scarlett, Scout, Saga, Signe, Sunniva, Solveig, Serena/Serene, Stella, Sailor (Sailor is a guilty pleasure.)
    T: Tallulah, Tilly, Tamsin, Thisbe
    U: Undine, Ursuline, Ulyssia
    V: Violet, Veronica, Valentina/Valentine, Vera, Vivienne
    W: Wilhelmina, Willow, Willa
    X: Xenia
    Y: Yesenia, Yuki, Yumi
    Z: Zelda, Zuleika, Zinnia, Zoe

    This really helps me see how diverse and weird my favorites are, lol.
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    in the silence of your bones and eyes
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