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    what do you think of these boys names? a tad unusual but not crazy

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    Bodhi Makai: I am strongly opposed to this unless you are Buddhists.

    Dane Wylie: not my style, but gives me a cowboy feel if that's appealing to you.

    Viggo Shepherd: I really like both of these names!
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    Great list! I think it's fine to use Buddhist names in a respectful manner, as it's an open religion/philosophy...not like Judaism or Christianity.

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    Bodhi Makai- As someone who has grown up in a largely Buddhist family and household, I obviously don't speak for every follower, but I think it is perfectly fine to use the name, as long as you thoroughly understand the concept of bodhisattva, and it isn't something you are opposed to. I like the flow of Bodhi Makai though, it is really spunky.

    Dane Wylie- I like this one.

    Viggo Shepherd- My personal favourite. Viggo Shepherd is energetic, gentle and kind. I absolutely love it.
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    Yes my mother and grandmother practiced Buddhism

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