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    Hypothetically: what would you name Nettie's sister?

    Obviously, I'm a long way off having more kids but it was something I found myself pondering today. I have ideas for if Nettie ever has a brother one day but I'm a little stumped for girls.

    We've used a name that we adore and is our "be all and end all" name, I can't really think of name that would be good with it. Do we continue the vintage nickname feel? Or go more modern? Using a top 100 name after using a very obscure name? The list goes on and on.

    I think we would continue our idea of using a family member's name in one of the middle spots long with a family surname too.

    So what would you match up - first name wise - with it one day?

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    Honestly, I would just go with a name you love: Nettie is so versatile and fits absolutely any style. I know that isn't much help, but it is just my two cents.

    However, I think something like this would be lovely (mostly leaning towards more vintage style names):

    Nettie and Kitty
    Nettie and Dossie
    Nettie and Birdie
    Nettie and Pearl
    Nettie and Opal
    Nettie and Lou
    Nettie and Minta
    Nettie and Dulcie
    Nettie and Valo
    Nettie and Juni
    Nettie and Junia
    Nettie and Oona
    Nettie and Percy
    Nettie and Faye
    Nettie and Zelda
    Nettie and Elva
    Nettie and Prudence
    Nettie and Maude
    Nettie and Agnes
    Nettie and Frances
    Nettie and Tabitha
    Nettie and Elspeth
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    Nettie & Nora

    **I realize this is my child's name and I never suggest it to others (bc I do not want it to be more popular than it already is) but I feel it really works. When I read your description I thought, THOSE ARE MY NAME REQUIREMENTS! Vintage, simple first name with a family surname for the middle. We ended up with: Nora Raines Christie. Christie is our last name.
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    Hypothetically ;-) I'd expect Nettie's little sister to also have a vintage nickname, as you said, or at least a very short 'full' name. I think I'd also try to mimic the double consonant if possible...

    Nettie + Pearl
    Nettie + Liv
    Nettie + Mimi
    Nettie + Sally
    Nettie + Dottie
    Nettie + Della
    Nettie + Lulu
    Nettie + Coco
    Nettie + Minnie
    Nettie + Jojo
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