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    West Midlands, UK
    My father is the God Hermes, messenger of the gods (as well as; trade, thieves, travellers, sports, athletes, and border crossings, and guide to the Underworld). He has the gifts of Athleticism (Particularly Agility and Speed), Cunning, Exceptional Dexterity, Thievery, all but one of these he passed on to me.

    My name is Beatrix Olympia Murphy and I am a Demigod, as such I have inherited the gifts of athleticism, cunning, and exceptional dexterity from my one godly parent. My mother was named Vivienne Maria Murphy, she fell in love with Hermes and he with her, he would have done anything to protect her but unfortunately she died when she was at her most vulnerable, while labouring with me.
    I was raised on Earth by my mother's cousins, having my second cousins as brother and sisters, but of course I always knew I was different and this usually resulted in my chosen seclusion and isolation. Until I met Raymond Bartholomew Sawyer, or Ray for short, a mortal with Sight who saw through my guise and fell in love with the person I'd tried my whole life to hide.

    We married young and started a family, a proper family where our children know who they are and we encourage them to be true to themselves. We were blessed with four bouncing boys;

    Our first son we name Sebastian Alexei Sawyer. He has thick, curly blonde hair that we allow to grow down to his shoulders; he is beautiful, kind and caring, and has intelligent blue eyes. From me and his maternal grandfather he takes the gifts of cunning and exceptional dexterity, though it comes apparent with age that his cunning he only uses for good, unselfish reasons.

    Shortly after our first son's second birthday, we welcome two more boys to our little family; twins Caleb Andrew and Isaac Ajax Sawyer. The boys are identical with strawberry blonde locks and blue-grey eyes, they are gifted with athleticism and cunning, and grow up to become amazing runners and gymnasts though their personalities lack the compassion of their siblings.

    Finally, our baby of the family Atticus Phoenix Sawyer, was born just over five years after the twins. He was gifted with athleticism and exceptional dexterity, along with platinum blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Like his oldest brother, Atticus grew to be empathetic, selfless and thoughtful, he brought love and light to every room, every activity, everything he did. The apple of everyone's eye, especially Grandfather Hermes, who watched from afar.


    Trixie (38) and Ray (40) with: Seb (17), Caleb & Isaac (15), and Atticus (10).
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    Amara Jade Sinclair

    Daughter of Aphrodite
    Amokinesis, Charmspeak, Minor Shapeshifting Ability

    Andrew Ralph Gray

    Son of Hephaestus
    Pyrokinesis, Technokinesis


    Esme Acacia Gray & Elsa Annys Gray
    Amokinesis, Charmspeak, Pyrokinesis

    Alana Cate Gray
    Minor Shapeshifting Ability, Technokinesis

    Bella Dione Gray & Ethan Jonas Gray
    Amokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Technokinesis

    Andrew Christos Gray
    Charmspeak, Technokinesis
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    Jamie Lynn
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    ♀ | Charlotte Emily Lily Rose Sara

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    Me: Sofia Tilly Monroe
    Parent: Athena – Exceptional Intelligence, Exceptional Strategy in Combat, Divine Wisdom


    Roll to determine your spouse's parentry.

    DH: Gideon Lloyd Grady
    Parent: Ares - Exceptional Martial Skills, Near-Invincibility in Combat


    5 Children

    DS: Ludo Calix Grady-Monroe
    - Powers: Exceptional Intelligence, Exceptional Strategy in Combat,
    DS: Harvey Indigo Grady-Monroe
    - Powers: Exceptional Martial Skills, Near-Invincibility in Combat
    DD: Minerva Xanthe Grady-Monroe
    - Powers: Exceptional Intelligence, Exceptional Strategy in Combat, Divine Wisdom
    DD (twin): Zelda Selene Grady Monroe
    - Powers: Exceptional Intelligence, Exceptional Strategy in Combat, Near-Invincibility in Combat
    DD (twin): Nuha Elena Grady-Monroe
    - Powers: Exceptional Martial Skills, Near-Invincibility in Combat, Divine Wisdom
    Anna | Autumn | Cassia | Delphina | Emma | Fleur | Greta | Hazel | Lucia | Luna | Neela | Norah | Ramona | Reina | Sadie | Verity

    August | Austin | Bruno | Calvin | Elijah | Frederick | Gabriel | Jack | Jude | Lachlan | Lennon | Noah | Samson | Vincent | Wilfred | William

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    DW: Hestia Dianne Urban
    Godly parent: Iris
    Demigod powers: Exceptional Artistry, Photokinesis, Exceptional Speed

    DH: Sullivan Aloysius Walker
    Mortal with Sight

    DD: Sophie Atalanta Walker - exceptional artistry
    DD: Vivian Iris Walker - photokinesis
    DD: Helena Daphne Walker - exceptional artisty
    DS: Barnaby Apollo Walker - exceptional speed
    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

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    Parent: Iris – Exceptional Artistry, Photokinesis
    Me: Baylor Grace Avery

    Parent: Dionysus - Chlorokinesis, Abililty to Bestow and Cure Insanity
    Spouse: Troy Monroe Kennedy

    5 kids:
    Chance Achilles (Photokinesis and Chlorokinesis)
Riley Sebastian (Chlorokinesis and Ability to Bestow and Cure Insanity)
    Juliet Alexa & Spencer Christian (Exceptional Artistry and Chlorokinesis)
    Angelina Chloe (Exceptional Artistry and Photokinesis)
Serena Katie (Exceptional Artistry and Photokinesis)
    xoxo Sam
    (Current faves: Leighton, Serena, Cassidy, Callahan, Logan, Tucker, Hunter, Sawyer)

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