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Thread: Family Names?

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    Family Names?

    So I have some family names Ive been thinking about lately.

    Patricia. I think Patricia goes really well with Lorraine ; Lorraine Patricia. Thoughts?
    • Debbie. Not Debra or Deborah. Debbie. But Im not sure how this sounds with an actual first name.. Catherine Debbie? Debbie Catherine? Thoughts?
    Ann. I want to like this, but everyone will see it as a filler. So Im not sure how I like that to much. And not sure if I want it was a first or middle name. Thoughts?
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    They're all a bit dated, but Patricia and Ann(e) are classic enough to use in the right combination. I'd combine Ann(e) with something to make it less boring (Sophie-Anne, Anneliese), and use Patricia as a middle name. There's not much you can do w/Debbie, except revert to the original form, Deborah, which is a great strong and Biblical mn choice.

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    Personally, I like Patricia Lorraine. If you wouldn't mind a tweak, I also like Anna Lorraine. Not a fan of Debbie myself, but I think that's probably because I've never met a baby Debbie and just can't picture it. But if you love it, go with it!
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    My aunt is Patricia (my mom's sister) and my mom is Lorraine Ann.! And I see you have Florence in your signature, that was my gma's name (their mom). I don't think Ann is filler as a first name, but a bit so as a middle name.

    I think Debbie is tough as a middle, Catherine Deborah is pretty but I don't know if you want to go that way!

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    I really like Patricia.

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