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Thread: Essure

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    Essure is a nice alternative to vasectomy. But an IUD placement is infinitely easier, lasts 10 years, is the most effective form of birth control aside from abstinence, and is reversible. You won't have to worry about poppy's horror story happening to you as, again, the procedure is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy and takes all of 2 minutes. A quick ultrasound after confirms its placement in the uterus.

    Essure takes considerably more skill. Scar tissue itself is fine and won't cause any pain or other complications (in contrast to the worries voiced above).
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    Afte this baby comes I'm DEFINITELY getting another Paragard IUD. Like blade said, it is a very short procedure that can be done with a couple of ibuprofen for pain, and it last 10 years. I had mine for almost 5 years before having it removed to TTC, and I never had a problem.
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