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    Joshua Michael (Josh)- my mom likes Hebrew names. Michael is our father's fn.

    Nathanael Peter (Nate)- Again a Hebrew name. -ael spelling to mirror Michael. Peter is our father's mn.

    Marisa Rose- Planned on Hebrew name (Rachel) but changed their minds. Marisa to keep with my grandmother (Mary) and mother's (Marilyn) fn's. Rose was my great grandmother's fn. My mom also liked that it reminded her of the song "The Rose." (I was born in '81.)
    Augusta, Colette, Flora, Freja, Georgia, Greta, Ingrid, Isolde, Lark, Lenora, Linnea, Lisette, Louisa, Nina, Nora, Paloma, Prairie, Reina, Soledad, Susannah, Sylvie, Tessa

    August, Callan, Conrad, Desmond, Early, Ezra, Henry, Hiram, Idris, Ingram, Leland, Levi, Lorcan, Micah, Muir, Reid, Samson, Solomon, Soren, Sullivan, Victor, Virgil

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