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    What are you and YOUR siblings named?

    We all want to create the perfect names for our children, but what are the names your parents gave to you and your siblings? Would you ever pick those combos for your children? How/why did those names come about.

    My name: Stephanie Anne - Stephanie after my father (Stephen) and Anne after an aunt.

    Brother's name: Glen David - Glen after my great-grandpa and David after an uncle.

    Stephanie & Glen. Steph & Glen. I would not choose either of these names for my own children but I do think they go well together. I could be biased though.

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    Jillian Julia (Julia for my maternal grandmother; Jillian because they liked it)
    Susannah Coyne (Coyne is a surname somewhere)
    Daniel William (Daniel is traditionally given to the first son of the generation)
    John Emmet (John after my maternal grandfather; Emmet is an Irish patriot's name)
    George Toussaint (George after my paternal grandfather; Toussaint means All Saints in French)
    Patrick Lanie (Lanie was my paternal grandmother's maiden name)
    Fiona Cecile (me--Cecile is for my paternal grandmother's middle name, Cecilia)
    Maeve Regina (just because they liked it)

    Some of these I would give to my children--George, John (even John Emmet), Susannah, Julia, and Maeve. I like my middle name, Cecile, but I would use Cecilia. They're all lovely, though of course I could be biased too!
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    My Siblings' Names

    Jason Alexander Thomas (Alexander for a friend's name, Thomas for my father)

    Juliet Elizabeth (Twin of Jason, they just liked the names.)

    Grace Margaret (Me, Grace because it was popular at the time and they liked it, Margaret after my paternal grandmother.)

    Xavier Sebastian (Xavier after an uncle, Sebastian because they liked it.)

    Archer David (Archer because my dad refused to name him Archibald, David after an uncle.)

    Emmett Callum (Emmett after an uncle, Callum
    because mom liked it)

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    Pamela Kay (Pamela because my mom found it in a baby book and thought it sounded "musical". My sister is now a singer/songwriter/musician. Kay because it's my mom's middle and her mom's middle.)

    Cathryn Elizabeth (Cathryn after my aunt Kathryn. Mom changed the K to a C so I'd have my dad's initials. Elizabeth after my mom's best friend at the time, Mary Elizabeth. Kathryn and Mary Elizabeth were also my mom's bridesmaids.)
    ~Cathryn Elizabeth~

    Stay at home mommy to Benton Grover and Arwen Elizabeth.

    Baby #3 is due on Turkey Day 2015!

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    I list them from oldest to youngest....

    Carolyn "Carrie" Marie- she is to honor an a great aunt Carolyn, great aunt Myrtle, and great aunt Marie. She nicknamed herself Carrie when she was a preteen because she didn't like Carol and was jealous of my sister Jerri.

    Jerri Ninette- My dad said he wanted a child named after him. They only planned on two kids. ;-) My dad's name is Gerald nn Jerry. They just switched it to the feminine form, which is Jeri but they added an R. Ninette means Grace which was my Grans name, and is a French diminutive of Ann, my moms middl name. Roberta Ann.

    Jeffrey "Jeff" Franklin- Jeffrey is a name they liked, and Franklin was my moms dad, my Grandpas middle name. Ellsworth Franklin.

    William "Will" Henry- William is a name they liked, and Henry is a great uncle of mine.

    Thomas "Tom" Allen- Thomas is my dad's middle name, Allen is just a name they liked.

    Shannon "Shann" Grace- Me :-) My dad came up with the name from the song Shenandoah- it's an old American Folk Song also known as Across the Wide Missouri. My mom wanted to honor my Gran/her mom Grace Beatrice.

    There is an 18 year difference in age from me and my oldest sister. My parents have been married for 43 years now.

    I honestly can't think of better names to suite my siblings. I think my parents did a great job at naming us! If they weren't my siblings names I'd use Jeffrey, William, Henry, Thomas, Allen (I am as a mn because its a family name on my husbands side), Ninette, Franklin (my brother Jeff named one of his sons Alexander Franklin).

    I have Gerard, or Jared to honor my dad with the nn Jerry or Gerry. Anna means Grace and is to honor my mom. Bea (Bee) is to honor my Gran.
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