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    Brother for Scarlett?


    Need some help coming up with boy names to match Scarlett Leona.

    Husband loves Jack, but it might be too popular for me and rhymes with our Mac- last name, which I am not crazy about. Jack Mac-

    Any ideas for good match for Scarlett or possibly a middle for Jack that could sway me to like it?

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    To me, Scarlett Leona is very classy but still a little quirky, so I think her brother may be:
    Declan Oliver
    Elliott Benjamin
    Ford Alexander
    Hudson Gray
    Lincoln Andrew
    Luca Matthew
    Nolan Jack
    Oliver James
    Quentin Daniel
    Rowan Fletcher
    Rhys Lysander
    Theo Samuel
    Tristan William
    Vance Julian
    Winston Clark
    Of course, Jack can be in the middle spot for any of these, but Nolan Jack is definitely my favorite combo with it in that spot.

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    current combinations: joseph augustine and margaret cecily

    frederick | gregory | joseph | kenneth | lawrence | peter | philip | nicholas
    arthur | augustine | benedict | gilbert | ignatius | walter

    anne | beatrice | catherine | elizabeth | jane | margaret | rosemary
    cecily | diana | edith | lucy | ruth | thérèse | veronica

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    Thanks for the suggestions!

    I like the feel of longer names mcarolina listed, they all seem to flow, match nicely and look balanced. But none stand out. I do like Emmett/Everett but two names ending -ett would tongue tie me and be too matchy. I knew a few Sebastian toddlers that went by Sebbie, which I found adorable on a little boys, but not loving Sebastian full name as adult. And I was trying to avoid another S name.

    Im drawn to suggestions Jude, Elliot, Henry, Finn, Wesley. None of the Jack combos have made me like it yet.

    And within our circle of family/friends, quite a few of the suggestions were recently used, otherwise I would consider them as well. Oliver, Sawyer, Declan, Wyatt, Owen. Too close to repeat.

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