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    Sibling name with a European feel

    Hi, I'm looking for boys or girls names for a sibling to Maria and Chloe. My husband and I seem to find common ground on names with a bit of a European feel to them. He tends to like names that are more complex and exotic and I prefer names that are more short and sweet. Our heritage is Italian, Swedish, French Canadian, German, British, Scottish, so I tend to look there for inspiration. Our last name is French Canadian as well. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    edward maximilian + gregory karol + joseph augustine + nicholas johann + peter ignatius
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    Bird + Birding Baby Names // common names, scientific names + notable naturalists
    Texas Inspired Baby Names // paying homage to the people, places + attitudes of the Lone Star State
    Nautical Baby Names // inspired by the deep blue sea + those who navigate its waters
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    Thank you! I really like so many of these! My husband actually suggested Emmanuel last night, I could totally see us using that! What nicknames do you think work for Emmanuel? I'm not sold on Manny. Is Em too feminine? Maybe we'd just stick with the full name. Ines may also be a possibility, we both seem to be open to it. Eloise and Ivy are favorites of mine that I can't convince the husband on lol. Dominic nicknamed Nico might work for us too

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