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    Need a boy's name to match big sister Leila (Lay-lah)

    I'm 24 weeks and not even remotely close to finding a name for our baby boy. We decided on DD's name (Leila) pretty much the second we found out we were pregnant with her. We love strong, short names.

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    how about Alexander 'Alex ' for laylah

    How about Alexander 'Alex' for sister laylah

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    Leila & Chase: Short and its meaning, "to hunt", evokes strength
    Leila & Zed (or Zed & Leila): Super cool, kind of rock n' roll, packs a punch
    Leila & Rhys / Reese: Short and sweet, means "ardor" (BUT, based on going to school with a Rhys, he may get teachers accidentally calling him "Rice")
    Leila & Tobin: Classic and adorable, but maybe more studious than strong
    Leila & Jasper: Means "bringer of treasure" so has a very adventurous feel to it
    Leila & Roman: Kind of regal, reminds me of Gladiator,
    Leila & Wyatt: Means "brave in war"
    Leila & Jude: Leila reminds me of the song "Layla" by Eric Clapton & the Dominos so I really wanted to avoid another musical connotation, but Jude is such a cool name, I couldn't ignore it

    I hope this is helpful! Leila is such a beautiful name, no wonder it's hard trying to find something to match. Good luck (and congratulations)!
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    Wow, how did you find all those names so quickly? Haha! We definitely found Leila through Eric Clapton, and I love Jude, but my husband doesn't.

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    My first thought was Joshua, Leila and Joshua, but it isn't a very short name.

    Leila & Preston
    Leila & Isaac
    Leila & Brooks
    Leila & Kai
    Leila & Owen
    Leila & Tristan
    Leila & Oscar
    Leila & August
    Leila & Felix
    Leila & Thomas
    Leila & Cyrus
    Leila & Desmond
    Leila & Heath
    Leila & Seth
    Leila & Adam
    Leila & Joseph
    Leila & Axel
    Leila & Zane
    Leila & Reid
    Leila & Drew
    Leila & Wade
    Leila & Bodhi
    Leila & Archer
    Leila & Roscoe
    Leila & Brock
    Leila & Grey

    Some of these have a bit of a soft sound, like Joshua, Grey, Seth, Kai... I'm not sure exactly what you meant by strong, but I find these names with softer letters and sounds go so well with the soft, beautiful Leila.
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