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    I'm Jordan Kelsay... Kelsay after my grandmother's maiden name.

    My half-sister on my mother's side is Paige Renée. Renée is my mother's middle name. They were almost going to name her Brielle, but with her parents being Brian and Michelle, it sounded like a couple name. (awk)

    My half-brother on my father's side is Keegan Levente.

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    Carissa Anne : because they liked the meaning and sound of it. mn because it's a classic. (I'm glad it's Anne with an E.)
    Elise Ashley : sounded elegant; was the name of the mom in the TV show Family Ties, I'm told. mn because, I guess, it was the 80s.
    Serena April : a last-minute pick, because they had totally expected a boy. my mom liked Selena and somebody told her they knew a horrid Selena, so she modified it. mn after birth month. (my mom has said to this day she slightly regrets April)

    if you want my absolute honest opinion, i think they phoned it in a little with the middle names (basically they all had to start with A because my dad's middle initial is also A) but they did a great job with our first names if I do say so myself! managed to avoid 80s/early 90s cliches! feminine, but not ornate. uncommon, but not totally unfamiliar. and all have nice meanings.

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    Well, I'm sure you can see what generation my siblings and I are from:

    Leslie Elayne (me; Leslie after Leslie Caron, the actor/dancer; Elayne is my mother's name and I chose it; my mother didn't give any of us middle names.)
    Victoria -- my mother wanted to use the Norwegian name Tore and my father's parents thought not. She's still called Torie, though. No middle; never chose one.
    Samantha Blake -- She was born almost 5 weeks early. My mom asked me which name did I like: Samantha or Pamela and I said Samantha. We still call her Mantha (and this was before Bewitched, btw). She chose Blake from one of my character naming lists.

    My half sister is Joanna Whitney, Whitney being the middle name of my stepmother, who was Margaret Whitney.

    Would I ever use these names? No. I hate my first name, always have, always will. My sister used "Elaine" for her daughter's middle name so there's the continuation. I do like Joanna the name, but not the sister, lol.

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    Dominika Elwira and Łukasz Marek — first names being quite random picks (my mum wasn't able to say why they chose those name; before I was born, they had Mateusz chosen for a boy), and middle names being parents' first names.

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    My parents kept it pretty straight forward. Traditional names that had both familial and religious significance. Still, I do think we sound nice together

    Andrew Winslow (fn saint, mn chosen by my dad from the baby book)
    William Samuel (Grandfather's name, Other grandfather's mn)
    Bridget Marie (me) (Great Aunt, saint)
    Joseph Victor (Uncle who died as an infant, Grandfather's name)
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    I love short first names that are old enough to be classic but I think brevity gives them a modern punch. All our middle names are in honor of loved ones.

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