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    I'm Margaret Cynthia, named after my grandmothers, and my sister is Laura Ann. Ann is my mom's middle name, and Laura was chosen because it was basically the only girls' name my parents could agree on, plus my mom liked the Little Women connection (Theodore "Laurie" Laurence), since she had gotten my nickname Meg from the book as well. I think my parents did a good job naming me (although I'd rather not be named after anyone, at least the names are nice), but I think my sister's name is kind of boring, especially the middle. Anne, at least, would have been a prettier spelling.
    Proud mother to William "Liam" Balthazar, Catherine "Cate" Ophelia, Veronica "Vera" Seraphine, and baby Alexander "Axel" Leopold, arriving September 2017 to complete our family!

    Nicholas ~ William ~ Alexander ~ Sebastian ~ Gabriel ~ Benjamin ~ Dominic ~ Oliver ~ Crispin ~ Gregory
    Zoe ~ Catherine ~ Veronica ~ Penelope ~ Elizabeth ~ Daphne ~ Anastasia ~ Seraphina ~ Ophelia ~ Felicity

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    My name is Cate Elizabeth...Cate just because and then Elizabeth after my maternal great-grandmother.
    My brother who is 4 years younger than me is named Ewan Henry. Ewan, again, just because they liked it, and then Henry after my maternal great-grandfather.
    For a long time it was just the two of us, Cate and Ewan, which I think goes rather well together. Then, my youngest brother was born. His name is Gavin Charles. Gavin was chosen because they liked it, and then Charles was after my maternal grandfather. (There is definitely a theme here)

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    My parents were rather uncreative and chose top 50 names for all of us. I'm Emily Anne, Emily was a name they liked (and number 1 that year) and Anne was after my grandmother. My brothers are twins and are Michael Alexander and Oliver James. I think all of our names go fairly well together, and I like them all (my parents seem to have a similar style to me) but I would have chosen less popular names. Personally, though I like all of our names I think they are kind of boring/normal (and I'd rather not have to go by Emily *last initial* all the time).
    Current Favourites ~

    Edmund • Harriet • William • Elizabeth • Arthur • Isolde • Henry • Thea • Hector • Cecily

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    I have the best of both worlds - only child with grown-up half-siblings who I was not raised with. They were adopted (separately), so I do not know if they already had names, or whether my Dad and his ex picked them. I don't think they have middles because no-one's ever mentioned them.

    Half-sister - Rebecca
    Half-brother - James
    Me - Sophie Grace Margaret = I was named after my paternal grandmother (Helena Sophie) and my maternal grandmother (Margaret). My parents added Grace because they felt it flowed better and my Mum loved it.

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    I am Jessica Lee...jessica because they liked it, Lee after my paternal grsndmother.
    My brother is Joshua Miley. Joshua because they liked it, Miley because it was my paternal great grandma's maiden name and all the boys get it.

    Sister is Erika Lynn Erika because they liked ot, Lynn because it's her mom's middle name.

    The names are ok but I would never use them!

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