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    My sister is called Marilyn Rebecca because we have a Mary and Mary variation tradition in our family and my mother loves Marilyn Monroe and Rebecca is after my paternal aunt and one of my sisters god-mothers.

    I'm called Molly Elizabeth: again the Mary tradition and Elizabeth is after my other paternal aunt and one of my god-mothers.
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    Raevyn Star (me!)
    Kira Opel (my full sister)
    Jordan and Kayla (IDK their middle names, they are my half-sisters).

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    Haley Alannah (me) - one of my mum's favourite names
    Mikayla Nicole - my parents originally thought about Madeleine, but changed their minds as they disliked Maddie, and didn't want her lumped in with all the Madison's being born around that time, and they didn't like the Michaela spelling, so opted for Mikayla.

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    Abigael Caroline- Me! My mom heard Abigail on a TV show when she was in high school and loved it. It was between Sophie and Caroline for my middle name. Sophie would be after my paternal great-grandmother and Caroline would be after my grandmas, both named Carol. I go by Abby.

    Leah Madeline- Leah was the name of one of my mom's co-workers and she loved it. My parents had been throwing around middle names for Leah when my mom heard Madeline and they loved it.

    Eliana Joy- They said that naming Ellie was the hardest. It was between Annabelle, Cecily, and Eliana. Annabelle has been a name that my parents have loved since I was a baby. There was another girl in my classroom as a baby named Annabelle and they really liked it. I don't know where Cecily came from, but it really was only a favorite of my mom's. My dad was okay with it, but he didn't love it. My mom is a psychologist and she had a patient once named Eliana, and she loved the name. When my sister was born, they decided that Eliana fit her the best. Her middle name is Joy because Eliana has a lot of syllables and they wanted something short to balance it out.

    Abby, Leah, and Ellie

    They're not names I would use, because they are personally too trendy for me. I do like Annabelle and Cecily though.

    If any of us had been boys, we would have been Andrew, Jacob, or Maxwell and our middle names would have been either Gregory (after my dad) or James (after my grandpas, both named James).
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    (I can't remember my siblings' middle names - I'm terrible, sorry. In my defense, there are some weird age gaps between myself and most of my siblings. None of my siblings are named after anyone except for one of my brothers.)

    Katherine "Kate" - My oldest sister by 15 years. I love the name Kate and contemplated using it many times.

    Lindsay "Lindy" - She's older than my by 12 years. I've never really liked the name Lindsay and I doubt I'd ever use it, even as a middle name.

    Allison "Allie" - Older than me by 10 years. I like the name Allison but I don't think I'd use it on any of my own children.

    Margaret "Meg" - Me. My mother just liked the name, I guess.

    Maxwell "Max" - My younger brother by 2 years. Max seems so popular that I'd never use it.

    Charles "Charlie" - My younger brother by 8 years. Again, too popular.

    Gary - Younger by 10 years. My only sibling named after someone. He's named after his father.
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