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    I'm Lauren Shawn, my siblings are Christopher Lee "Chris", Meghan Paige, and Joshua Phillip "JP".

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    Aug 2014
    Going from oldest to youngest:

    Christoph and bjorn (they are twins)
    Peter and Olli (twins)
    Leila (the Only girl! lol)
    Raine (Me)
    and Eero.

    To clear up confusion about the strangeness of the names, I am finnish ^_^

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    My brothers are Henry James and Charles Martin. Henry is after my dad's uncle and James is for my mom's dad (and multiple other relatives) Charles is also for one of my dad's uncles and Martin was my mom's grandfather. I am Grace Emma. Grace is from my grandmother, Gracine. Emma is for one of my dad's aunts.

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    I am Ashley Sarah and my brother is Grant Joseph. Middle names are both after our maternal great grandparent's Sarah "Sally" and Joseph "Joe".

    Our first names are just favorites of my parents. They also considered names like Jennifer, Riley, Steven or Rory.

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    Kathryn Isabella Anne ( after family members. I love my name it's sometimes shortened to Catriona (the Gaelic), Kate or Ka (which I HATE with a passion))
    Eilidh Anne . My younger sister by 4 years. I love her name. Eilidh is pernounced like this AyLEE. No nickname.

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