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    I'm a twin and I really enjoy sharing my birthday!

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    Go for the shared birthday. One day apart is a PAIN. My girls are one day apart by three years. I had so hoped for a shared birthday for my girls! I also think that it would be a sweet connection but it really would be so much easier to have the one birthday. My girls get shared birthday celebrations-you can't have birthday parties two days in a row and reasonably expect people to come to them when it's the same group of people. My son is at the beginning of the same month. The amount of birthday celebrations in July is crazy. You have to do something on each of their actual birthday, then family celebration, and of course birthday party with friends (one party only!). Highly recommend choosing a shared birthday if you have a say in it.

    I would love to share a birthday with my sister, be a nice connection. We are a year and fifteen days apart.
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    My family for some reason has several cases of this:

    ~my older brother and I share a birthday (six years apart)
    ~one of my younger sisters and our cousin share a birthday (I think 3 years apart)
    ~my youngest sister and our niece share a birthday (8 years apart)
    ~my fiance and his sister share a birthday (10 years apart)

    We've never had any problems with it. We all love it, actually. It makes birthdays so much easier and none of us ever felt unspecial or that we had our "special day" stolen. It made it cool because it was unique and you got to share something special with a sibling or cousin.

    Ultimately it is your choice although I think it will be much easier to just let them share a birthday, if it comes to that. Otherwise, as someone else mentioned, you will end up throwing one party one day and another the next. Or who knows, you may decide to celebrate them the same weekend or something and they'd be grouped anyway. There are ways to make shared parties special. In my family's cases, it was a tradition to get the same kind of cake for all birthdays, and we'd get a shared cake. Each kid got their own pink or blue candles and their own side of the cake and the cake had both names on it. Maybe you could get them each their own small cake instead, if you want it to feel more special? I don't know, birthdays are special regardless of how many you have to share it with and kids don't care much. Especially if they grow up with it, starting as young as your kids will be.
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    My boys share a birthday, and we just celebrated their 3rd and 1st birthdays last week!

    I had a slightly different situation where I was having to make a decision whether or NOT to have a C-section with my younger baby. I choose to not have one, and he wound up being born 8 days late, and on his brothers birthday. If I'd elected to have a c-section, he would've been born a full 2-3weeks earlier!
    I like that they share a birthday, its certainly more convenient that having them 1 day apart. Especially in terms of birthday parties. I'm sure that when they're a bit older they will probably want separate parties with only their own friends invited. In the mean time I'll do as many shared parties as I can before they start having an opinion on the matter!

    Personally I think I would choose the same birthday, over having them one day apart. But that's probably because nature made the decision for me in the end, and it seems odd to want to change it!
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    I personally would not want to share my birthday.
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