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    Chan for a Girl's Name?

    Chan is the latest Cambodian origin name I have discovered here on Nameberry. I searched it wondering if it was a real first name actually used in the U.S. Turns out it is a unisex name! Pretty uncommon, but still.

    Whenever I hear Chan I think of a last name heard in Japan and the name doesn't have any bad associations that come with it (as far as I know). Plus, the name actually has a very sweet meaning to it: sweet smelling tree! I just think it's so cute sounding, and the spelling is just how it sounds and not too long, but it kind of sounds like a nickname for something. I'm not sure what. . . . Does anyone know any girl/unisex names where Chan can be used for a nickname that makes sense? If you do, I would really like to hear them.

    Chan is kind of like the name Grace though: I don't know many good middle names besides something like Lynn (too common as a middle name) to go with it . . . . So if anyone has suggestions that would be great!

    Famous people relating to the name Chan include singer Chan Marshall, also known as Cat Power (and born Charlyn). <----- Took that from
    I don't know who she is, but still finding no bad associations here.

    I just love this name. Thoughts and opinions?

    ♢BTW: I'm not expecting a child. Just wondering what do you think of this name, good middle names, or other names where it could be used as a nickname.♢

    Thanks for the help if you reply.


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    Chan Marshall's name is pronounced like Sean. I used to work with a girl named Chan, pronounced like Jackie Chan's surname. Which pronunciation does the Cambodian Chan have?
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    It could be a nickname for Channing

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    Hmmmm. Dunno how I feel about this one. Being completely honest, what comes to mind immediately is Jackie Chan and Chandler Bing. (And of course Channing Tatum.) Those associations might fade with the generations - probably will. But it's worth considering.

    For nicknames - I'm too tired to produce a coherent list at the moment, but I'd strongly suggest playing around with more elaborate, semi-frilly names since it is so short. Something like...

    Chan Alexis
    Chan Arya
    Chan Rhiannon
    Chan Mariah
    Chan Jasmine
    Chan Eleanor
    Chan Isabelle
    Chan Christina
    Chan Elise
    Chan Jocelyn

    Etc. Hope this helps.
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    Chan could be a nickname for Chandler, another unisex name.
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