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    Using a non 100 name after using a top 20 name?

    We already have two beautiful twins called Logan (boy) and Mia (girl). We are expecting our second set in October and a name we've came across today and love is Savannah, which is 209 here in Scotland with 21 babies named that last year. Whereas Mia had 236 and was number 17 in 2013.

    We haven't really met that many Mia's, maybe two over the four years she's been with us (a few Logan's but it's very popular here in Scotland).

    Do you think it's okay to do that? I don't want Mia to feel like she has a super popular name in comparison to her sister.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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    I think Savannah's lovely and complimentary to your other children's names. And no, I don't think it will bother Miss Mia at all. In nine years of teaching school in the U.S., I haven't found either name to be "super popular" as you say.

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    I don't think it's a problem! I know of a few girls called Savannah so to me it doesn't seem much less popular than Logan & Mia. I don't think Mia would feel that way at all! I know plenty of people with really common names who have siblings with names that aren't as common and they don't seem to be bothered by it at all!
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    Mia, Logan and Savannah fit perfectly, and no, popularity in sibling sets doesn't matter at all. My current top list for girls is a bit like this;

    Freya - 19th
    Violet - 100th
    Lillian - 349th
    Minnie - 437th
    Martha - 77th
    Doris - 4838th
    Agatha - 975th
    Betsy - 169th
    Amelia - 1st
    Betty - 458th

    I'd happily use all of those for sisters - because stylistically, they work together, and I think that's all that matters Stylistically, Mia, Savannah and Logan work really well!

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    Savannah is in top 100 in NZ so it might get higher in Scotland too. My cousin has a Savannah! I don't think it matters though. I have a friend Tristan (not overly popular) with one brother called James (very popular) and another called Sholto (not at all popular). And they didn't mind. I always thought it seemed cute that their mum got less and less conservative or something. That the naming told this story.

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