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    Conservative Deal-Breaker?

    The article posted on Facebook by Nameberry today caught my eye and has given me the courage to open up a thread here to get some real-life comments by fellow Berries. Here's the link, should you like to reference it:

    I'm not prejudice and neither is my conservative family, but my dad, as a baby boomer, holds to the fact that Tobias/Tobiah sounds African American and has advised that if it remains on my short list, I should ultimately be prepared for others to respond in the same way as this article presents.. however, I hold to the fact that it has been one of my name-loves since the Animorphs youth book series was released; it was my first time experiencing such a uniquely rare, vintage boy's name (and might I mention, the character Tobias was most certainly as white as both my husband and I) and my love for it has grown even deeper upon learning it's meaning is "God is good" and carries the built-in friendly nn option Toby.

    Yet, I do realize the book reference is my only association, and my dad has been around a lot longer. My hope is that perhaps his associations came from his generation only and now would no longer be an issue.. Do you think it should be a deal-breaker? Help, nameberry!

    (P.S. Of all the names I like that my husband doesn't, this is one we can agree upon..)
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    I've met a little Tobias. Blond hair and white skin. I dont think of it as an African American name at all. I am in Canada.

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    I've never thought of Tobias as an African-American name. Tobiah I could see maybe more so, as it sounds more biblical, which is common--although I have no idea if that's actually the case. Isaiah which has a similar ending is the only name that I've noticed is fairly popular with African-Americans. However even that name i don't think would stand out on any ethnicity more so than another. Plus it's actually Hebrew so if anything African-Americans would also be using the name cross-culturally.

    Anyway I don't think it should be a deal-breaker either way. If you love it, you should use it. I don't see anything wrong with using names from other cultures.
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    I would never associate the name 'Toby' w/an African American--my association is w/a white circus kid from an old movie series or a foot fungus ( just sounds icky to me), but it's a name I've always detested. Tobias sounds like an old bearded and barefoot hillbilly. But if you like it, don't let my associations stop you!

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    Tobias sounds like a white dude to me. Particularly, the David Cross character from Arrested Development.
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