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Thread: College classes

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    I'm basing this information off of the school that I went to in the eastern US (it was Christian, but not Catholic). At my school, they recommended taking 15-17 credits per semester, which averages out to about 5-6 classes per semester, or 10-12 classes per year.

    Some philosophy class titles:

    Freshmen: Intro to Philosophy; Intro to Ethics; Symbolic Logic; Foundations of Social Science; Defending the Faith; Foundations of Economics; Foundations of History; Foundations of Psychology; Foundations of Sociology; Foundations of Cultural Anthropology

    Sophomore: General Logic; Foundations of Science; Language, Mind, & Reality; Bio-Medical Ethics; Studies in Philosophy; Classic Political Thought; Modern Political Thought; Philosophy of Social Science

    Junior/Senior: Modern Philosophy; Augustine & Aquinas; 20th Century Philosophy; Plato & Aristotle; Political Philosophy and Theology; Metaphysics; Epistemology; Philosophy of Law; Advanced Studies in Philosophy; Current Problems in Philosophy; Philosophy of Religion

    Also, any major would also have general education requirements (at a liberal arts school) in things like math, science, art/literature, and language. Generally speaking, you'd have the bulk of those classes your first two years and a couple your third year, so that by your senior year all of your classes would pertain to your major.

    Is any of that helpful?
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    Thanks, that was really helpful!
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    You might be able to look up degree requirements for some schools in that area - Try Boston College:

    CORE Classes (probably she'd take a lot of these suring the first 2 years

    From that link you can click around and explore curriculum requirements.
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    Okay, thank you
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    For an English major:

    Early Brit Lit
    Late Brit Lit
    Early American Lit
    Late American Lit
    African American Lit
    Creative Writing
    Irish or Scottish Literature
    Gothic Literature

    There are also classes on specific authors and / or books.


    Social Ethics
    Modern Philosophy
    Intro to Phil.
    Greek Philosophy

    Again, there are classes that concentrate on a specific philosopher or text.

    I would say that the average freshman takes five classes in a semester. As someone else stated, a freshman would take general math, writing, astronomy, biology, art history, sociology, geology, etc. I went against my advisor and took a few upper level classes as a freshman, so it is possible.
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