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Thread: Choices BNG!

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    Harriet Jean. Olive Theodora. Delphi Josephine. Saskia Margaret. Winifred Alice. Maxine Frances

    Tobias Hugo. David Augustus. Peter Archibald. Charles Finnian. Rupert Ezra

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    1. Cedric
    2. Breccan Timothy
    Kanaan Fox & Kaiser Free
    Floyd Kavanaugh "Kav"
    Antonia Storm "Toni"
    3. Breccan is a very social kid, who is more often than not low key, and very smart. He loves soccer and reading. His more prominent nickname is Buck, derived from Bucket Head. A rather cruel nickname but one given to him by little brother Kanaan.

    Kanaan is the trouble child of the family. Always up to something, usually nothing good. He loves building with Legos and playing tackle football with his brothers.

    Kaiser is super quiet and shy. He's very smart and is usually neck deep in a classic story like the three musketeers.

    Kav is our little sportster. He plays any and every sport he can make the time for. His favorites are LaCrosse and Soccer.

    Toni is the baby of the family, but no less powerful. Being the only girl in the family she has quickly learned to fight for what she wants. She loves drawing and playing pretend with her "favorite" brother Kaiser.

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    I marry Cedric, we have...

    Rafferty Erik [14]
    Leon Forester [10]
    Mercer Ferris [10]
    Ernest Elliott "Pete" [8]
    Valencia Isle "Val" [5]

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    (1) Choose a husband from the following:

    - Cedric: He's from Ireland, he has dark brown, wavy hair and dark brown eyes. He has a short boxed beard, and he plays guitar and piano. He is very lovable and social. Everyone loves him. He wants 4 or 5 kids.

    (2) Follow the instructions based on your husband:

    - If you marry Cedric, you decide to wait to have kids, and travel for 3 years instead. But right after your trip in your husband's home-country (Ireland), you fall pregnant with a gorgeous baby boy! You name him Lorcan Andrew. His first name is Irish, and his middle name is your dad's first name. ~ When your son is 4, you get pregnant again! It's twins! Two boys! You name them Bruno Frederick & Henry Franklin. Their first names both have 2 syllables, but don't start with letter or rhyme. Their middle names both start with F. ~ When your first son is 6 and your twins are 2, you are pregnant again! It's another boy! You name him Walter Gabriel. His first name is your grandfather's name, and his middle name is 3 syllables. ~ When your first son is 9, your twins are 5, and your fourth son is 3, you decide to try one more time. It's a girl! You name her Magdalena Autumn. Her first name is four syllables and her middle name is nature-related.

    (3) List your family! Include pictures, nicknames, descriptions, etc.

    DH: Cedric Niall O’Callaghan
    DW: Amelia Eloise O’Callaghan

    DS: Lorcan Andrew O’Callaghan
    DS/DS: Bruno Frederick O’Callaghan & Henry Franklin O’Callaghan
    DS: Walter Gabriel O’CallaghanGabriel
    DD: Magdalena AutumnMaggie
    Anna | Autumn | Cassia | Delphina | Emma | Fleur | Greta | Hazel | Lucia | Luna | Neela | Norah | Ramona | Reina | Sadie | Verity

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    Your name is Amanda Maxine Plymouth, and you marry American doctor Edward Colby Forrest.

    You fall pregnant after one year of being married. It's a girl! You name her Rose Eliana Forrest.
    When your beautiful daughter is 3, you get pregnant again! It's a boy! You name him Jeremy David Forrest.
    When your daughter is 6 and your son is 3, you are pregnant again! It's a girl! You name her Ramona Margo Forrest.
    When your first daughter is 9, your son is 6, and your second daughter is 3, you are pregnant one more time. It's a boy! You name him Eugene Henry Forrest.

    Mandi (36) and Edward (39) with: Rose (10), Jem (7), Mona (4), and Gene (1).
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
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