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    Your Current Top 5 Girl Names?

    Middle names included. Feel free to explain the name, the story behind it, the meaning, why you like it, if you feel it flows well.. etc..

    I'm horrible with girls names and hearing some true favorites and gems from all of you berries would really help get my creative juices flowing.

    Thank you~

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    I love threads like these! My Top 5 girls names are:

    1. Adelina "Lina" Sophia
    You could say that Adelina is a newer name love of mine, since I first started to love it around this time last year. I first heard it when I was researching Spanish names on Wikipedia, and of course it was love at first sight. Sophia has been a favourite of mine longer than Adelina has. I just thought the two names together sounded really elegant, dreamy, musical and regal together.

    2. Magdalena "Lena" Élisabeth
    I've loved Magdalena before Adelina. I can't remember where I first heard it though. It sounds regal and strong, and Lena is a short but sweet nickname for it IMO. Elizabeth has been an older favourite of mine, and I was looking for alternatives to it once and found Élisabeth. I think the accent and the 'S' give it a more elegant, gentler feeling than Elizabeth.

    3. Isla Aveline
    Isla is an older love of mine, and it's popularity doesn't bother me at all. It's short but sweet, and I love Aveline with it. Isla May was my original Isla combination, but I went off it a little the other week and asked people here which they preferred, Isla May or Isla Aveline. There were a lot of votes for Isla Aveline, so there you go.

    4. Séverine Eloise
    I started loving Eloise when I started loving Isla, although my original combination for it was Eloise Victoria, which I still like. Round about last summer, I spotted that a royal had just named their daughter Séverine Eloise, and thought that combination was perfection. I hadn't heard of Séverine before then.

    5. Athénaïs Lenore
    Like Séverine, it was a royal family whom I have to thank for discovering Athénaïs. The more and more I said it, the more and more I loved it. It's such a gorgeous name. A few weeks ago, I was searching for a middle name for Athénaïs and then thought of Lenore. I think the two names go so well together and have a lovely flow.
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    This is just what I needed as I sort through old and new favorites! Thanks

    1. Adelaide Skye NN Leia
    Adelaide is a name I loved as a little girl, and re-discovered recently. It has a rhythmic melodic roll, it is unusual, it is centuries old, it stands out from the soft vowels and liquids of current popularity. Skye is expansive & modern, it flows with the sound of Adelaide, and softens it. Leia, as in Princess, came about as I played with NN for Adelaide & leaped to Leia. It stuck. I love it.

    2. Jane Verity
    The more I think about it the more Jane appeals to me. It is not too popular; it is at a low #354 in the U.S. Historically Jane is the heroine of so many songs, romances, films, adventures. No pronunciation issues. Verity is a new love and it gives something unique & appealing to Jane.

    3. Saffron Ava NN Sasa
    I like that it is uncommon, yet familiar, and it is spelled phonetically. I think it pairs well with Ava, a name I love but cannot put first b/c it is too popular. Saffron sounds sassy and strong and pretty. I like that it is associated with a rare spice from flowers, and bright color.

    4. Rowan Esme NN Roe
    I love the beautiful sound of this name. Every time I say it I know I can enjoy the sound of it for years and years. I like that it is connected to nature, as a tree, which has special meaning to me; I like that Celtic legend considers it divine protection from enchantment. Esme means esteemed, beloved. I just think this is a very loving name to give.

    5. Carys Noelle NN Carrie
    This name grew on me. At first I didn't like it because it looked strange. But it is unusual, simple, and rather elegant. It means love. It can be nn Carrie. It will have pronunciation issues in the U.S. which I will have to think carefully about. But for now it has a spot in the top five.
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    Eliza Audrey - Eliza has been my favourite name since I was a little girl and I love the nn Ellie. I think the vintage Audrey compliments my Eliza nicely.

    Amalia Iris - this name came from my love for Mali, which I don't like as a full name and our last name begins for M so I'm avoiding M names. I also like the nn Lia for her.

    Esther Madeleine (lehn ending)- I just love the flow of the same, I think Esther is sweet and underused.

    Freya Estelle - hubby loves Freya, and I do too. Not 100% on the middle name, but can't find anything else that fits.

    Maeve Leora - this is more of a GP since hubby thinks Maeve is a 'silly' name! How does Maeve Leora not sound delightful?

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