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    Names that everyone else seems to love

    This is just a place to post names that you dislike but everyone else seems to love, or the other way round.

    Personally I really don't like Nora. It's just clunky and unpleasant for me to say.

    DISCLAIMER: Respect other people's opinions; feel free to ask questions but there is never any need to be rude.
    thinking about...

    Arabella - Cora - Juliet - Rosalie
    Arthur - Dominic - Frederick - Theodore

    annika claudia cordelia elara evangeline flora ginevra irene milena ottilie raphaella severine verity vivienne
    arlo benedict dean draco fabian evander hale hector hugo louis lupin peter priam regulus remus sirius

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    There are plenty of them.
    Stella- It sounds like a brand of baby clothes.
    Sadie- My friend's dog is named Sadie, and it seems too cutesy for a human.
    William- It's been used so often that it just seems dry.
    Christopher- Not so bad by itself, but I hate the nickname Chris.
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    Isla Juno - Elodie Clover - Genevieve Aisling- Juliet Sparrow
    Wolfgang Pascal - Evander Hugo - Jasper Fox - Theodore Blaise - Lucian Atlas

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    Beatrix - Fleur - Minnow - Zelda - Fern - Winifred - Poet

    Wolfgang - Atlas - Huck - Abraham - Ernest - Ulysses - Fox - Alasdair

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    I'll do this judging by a couple handfuls of the most popular names on Nameberry and the Social Security Administration, and some other assorteds that I can think of.

    Everyone seems to love

    Noah, Alexander, Jayden (most -den names are laborious for me to say), Elijah, Benjamin (Ben is boring), Logan, Lucas (predictable and boring), Christopher (hate Chris), Dylan, Carter, Hunter, Landon, Jaxon, Brayden (-den name), Henry, Finn
    Sophia, Emily, Abigail, AUBREY (really can't stand), Madison, Avery, Chloe, Zoe, Riley (boys' name too masculine for a girl and too feminine for a boy), Peyton, Khaleesi, (and anything deliberately off the grid for the sake of it.)
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