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    Angry Names that make you mad


    Is it just me, or do other people have names that make them mad? I don't mean names that just aren't your style, or just don't like, but have you ever heard a name that made you fesl angry
    Mine are:

    Messiah. I am a Christian, so I find this name very disrespectful . It's arrogant and insesitive. Your child is not our saviour, the na, e is only for Jesus. If I met a kid named Messiah, I'm not sure I'd even be able to talk to him.
    Yikes- it even has a girl page

    Cohen- I am not Jewish but I do know some Jewish people. I also know the background of this name, and I don't want to use a name that offends people. I know several people find thks offensive.

    Heaven: Like everyone in the world, your kid is imperfect. Heaven is perfect. Yoir kid does not deserve go be named after a perfect place.

    Nevaeh: Has plenty of obvious controversy
    I don'tneed even need to bring itoup again. Just look at the name commemts for it, on here and at g

    I don't mean to offend anyone, it's just been ticming me off for a while, soci wanted to know if anyone else had names that made them mad.
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    Nah, there are a lot of names that make me laugh/snort/sigh/roll my eyes. The only one I find genuinely irritating is when people use my surname as a first name (which they do a lot). I know this is irrational but my internal reaction is, "Hey, that's my name, and you're using it wrong". Maybe also when people use my first name, but spell it wrong. Obviously I don't actually own my name, though, so it's kind of silly.

    Of course I don't exhibit any of these reactions out loud when it could potentially hurt someone's feelings.
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    Just noted that it seems interesting to me that some of the names that make you mad are prominently featured in the franchises your signature promotes your fandom of. Just thought it was interesting....

    I don’t really have names that make me mad. I have sib-set combos that make me groan on the inside - where I want to shake the parents and ask them what in the world what they were thinking.... i.e.. Jayceon and Henrietta or Oberon and Jasper(g). I mean SERIOUSLY?!? But individual names don’t make me mad per sey.
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    Hmm, there's only a few. One is Messiah. I personally find that disrespectful, but some people like it. The others, and I can't fully remember all of the names, but there was a news article a few years back about how CPS (child protective services) was getting involved with a family, after a bakery refused to do a cake with their son's full name on it...Adolph Hitler LastName. His sister was Aryan Nation. There were two more kids ( That honestly makes made me angry. Otherwise, while some people may choose or like names that: are just not my style, I find ugly or otherwise distasteful, or whatever else, it's their choice and them and the child will have to deal with it.
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    The only time I really get irked is when twins' names are so closely related. It makes me feel the parents weren't thinking clearly. I sort of get irritated on behalf of the kids. For example, Adriana and Audriana. Or Rickie and Richie. Yes, I have seen these names in real life unfortunately. I can see how for some people it's cute and it's fine but it makes me feel the parents didn't really care enough to make an effort.
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