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    Nora is gross. and I dont like Abby either. i have two little cousins called nora and abby, and i love them, but their names are gross. and Alexander, but only because of bad associations.

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    Girls Names
    Eleanor~Viola~Clare~Natalia~Anna~Helen~Luna~Aurora ~Aurelia~Julia~Theodosia~Fiammetta~Magdalen~Clara~ Lucy~Beatrice~Flora~Elizabeth~Esther~Florence~Lydi a~Martha~Penelope~Maria~Celestia~Leocadia~Araceli
    Boys Names
    Henry~Theodore~August~Elias~Miles~Gabriel~George~S ampson~Bienvenu~Joy~Kai~Coleman

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    I love that I have a "unisex" name. I am a very feminine person, but the name suits me well. It's funny, but I really do not prefer names that are saccharin sweet on girls. Daisy Belle or Rosemary Anne and the like, really don't do it for me. Today, I met a little girl named Andi, short for nothing, and I really liked it. I'm not sure why we have to tell gender from a name? Just a personal preference I guess.

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    Wren and Kai have a lot of admirers on NB. Besides my general dislike of W and K names, these both seem insubstantial to me, both in the paltry letter count and lack of historicity. But I love Lark, go figure.
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