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    For me it's a million names. I don't like common names at all. The more rare the better and the more I hear a name the more I dislike it really. Top 100 makes me want to cry.

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    I just don't get Willa or Willow. I understand there is nothing "wrong" with them; they just hold no appeal to me.
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    I guess the only thing I don't understand is unisex names. I really cringe when I hear a girl being named a "unisex" name. Actually I am not a fan of any of those names that could be either or. When I say my child's name I want them to know its a girl or boy based on the name. I don't want them to have to ask oh is that a girl Riley, or a boy Riley. Riley is just a common example.

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    Imogen and Calliope are names people seem to love, but I don't quite share that love...

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    Berrys seem to love Jasper, but I just don't get it. All I can picture is a a stuffy, greying butler whenever I see it.
    Also, everyone would have been really happy if we had chose to name our son Xander. Seriously, without having talked to one another, my grandmother, my aunt, his grandmother, and his mother all suggested it at one point. I liked it, but it never felt like THE name, especially since it is a diminutive, but for various reasons I couldn't use Alexander.
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