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    When your favourite names all coincidentally begin with the same letter...

    Does this happen to anyone else?
    I don't even usually like when twins have the same beginning letter but I've found myself liking names that begin with A for some reason haha! :lol: Alice and Audrey for girls and all of a sudden I'm in LOVE with Arlo for a boy! I have no children so the chances of these remaining my favourites and me having 2 girls and 1 boy are slim but would that be ridiculous to have three children named that or is that not so weird?


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    For boys we've found there are only a few letters we like for first names S&L and we have a list that are our favorite names and then realized that they are all a or l names on the boy list and we are just going to run with it and see how it plays out

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    Oh yes, it's so aggravating! Jude, Joachim, Julien, and Juliet; Catalina, Charles, and Caia; Damian, and Dominic; Marius, and Madeleine. I am forced to use only two of each, but it all works out. I am also in love with the name Arlo, but it's just a bit too nickname-y so I decided I would give it a full name... Charles! That may help solve part of your dilemma, at least : )
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    I'm all about the A names too. Trying to expand these days but I always come back to the As.
    Azula Rosemary
    Indira Coral
    Osiris Mercury James

    -maybe one day-
    Freyja Moon

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    Mine tend to sound the same as well. Matilda and Matthew, Marcus and Margot, Maeve and Madigan and Malachi. Edith and Evelyn and Edmund. Seth and Stefan and Sylvie. 'Ma..' names seem to be my favourite!
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