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    Middle name suggestions?

    Hello! My husband and I are expecting our first baby as early as next week and still can't decide on a middle name for our boy. His first name will be Orion. We would like a short, one to two syallable middle name. The only real restriction is that it can't end in "O" as our last name does.

    We have a bit of a different taste in names, we aren't keen on common names and like ones that are a little more fresh and modern. Anyone have any suggestions for us? Thank you!

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    My first thought was Orion Hugo until I saw that it couldn't end in "O". Here are some other suggestions:

    Orion ____:

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    Orion _ _ surname-o
    I wouldn't choose a middle ending in O as you mentioned or ending in n as Orion ( a beautiful name I should add) ends in n and it would disrupt the flow I.e.
    Orion Collin Leo ( I just made up a middle name for you to show what I'm getting at) I would also avoid a name starting in O as Orion does and you'd get
    Orion Oliver Leo... Lots of os and lis innitials would be OO :-/ if you want to go for it but I personally would have those as restrictions and don't have a middle name that ends in the letter the last name ends with either so they don't run together. And avoid anything with an o in it since Orion has 2 and avoid repeating the I sound Isaac would be out Ryan and Ivan and ryder... Also I wouldn't start it with R since -rion is such a big part of the name you'd get a very melodic sound that I imagine most families aren't looking for . Orion is a very solid name but the middle you choose can pull it in either a very solid ( wow they are so good at choosing incredible names, their son is so lucky!) directions or questionable ( what are they trying to do... Be creative?) directions... ie...
    Orion David
    Orion Casper
    Orion Eller
    Orion Beckett
    Orion Henry
    Orion Jared OJ might not be ideal initials
    Orion Lander
    Orion Misha ( I pronounced ee so not a conflict)
    Orion Neville
    Orion Perry
    Orion Quinley
    Orion Strider
    Orion Turner
    Orion Ulrick
    Orion Vincent ( I is eh so not a conflict)
    Orion Willet ( I is eh)
    Orion Xander
    Orion Zander
    Interesting but yea you can pull
    I off in a classy enough way ...
    Orion Brinker
    (anything made up of super out there takes the emphasis off the first) find where the line is for that and you'll be in great shape, I love the name!

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