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    We have the Mountain Buggy Duo (the newer model is the Duet I think) and have really loved it for the past 3 years. It has large storage space underneath, is very maneuverable, even in stores, and has enough shock absorption for trails and running. It is a side by side but I actually think those are easier to use than the in-line doubles. It has fit through all the doors we have tried and is only as long as a normal stroller so it fits easily in all elevators too (even here in Europe where things can be TINY).

    It isn't super cheap either, but we decided that we use our stroller enough that it was worth it in the long run. It cost us about 900 USD I think (for both the stroller and the bassinet) but we have already used it for over 3 years so it ended up costing less than a dollar a day. Plus we had a double bassinet that we sold for about 100 dollars, (so now we're talking less thank 75 cents a day) and we can probably resell the rest of the stroller once we are done with it to recoup a bit more of the initial cost.

    We are about to have another baby (a singleton this time) and are planning to buy the Kronan Duo S. The main reason we are going for that one instead of another mountain buggy is that I wanted a reversible seat so I can choose which direction (s)he is facing once sitting up. That is my only complaint about the Mountain Buggy, and if I could go back I would look more closely at the Bugaboo Donkey since it has this feature.

    Good luck with your decision!
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    I've seen lots of people commenting that they like a Baby Jogger City Select for a tandem pram. You can have one seat only plus wear a sling. Have one seat plus one bassinet when baby is little. Then later add a seat and have 2 seats. Then when older one doesn't need a pram take the seat off and you have a single pram again. The seats are both reversible. While not cheap I think the versatility into the future would be great with 2 kids.
    When my older 2 were in a pram together I really liked the tandem pram style as it was easier to manoeuvre through shops.

    If you search "Baby Jogger City Select Twin Stroller review" on youtube there is some good information.
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    We bought the Contours Options LT Tandem stroller. It has its pros & cons - I didn't want a double with both seats side-by-side because I thought that would be too wide to be functional & I didn't want one where one kid sits kind of under the other - you know what I mean - cause those freak me out & don't look like they'd have enough storage space for me. I like to be prepared for everything, so I need a stroller with a high capacity.

    Pros - Tandem seating, not stacked or side by side.
    - Reclining seats are reversable so kids can face same direction (forward or back) or face each other, or face away from each-other.
    - Or you can take 1 seat off entirely & put 1 baby in a sling & use it for your shopping!
    - Can easily switch out seats for car seats (and works with a good variety of car seats).
    - Large basket for diaper bag etc.
    - Attractive.
    - Folds up & can lock to stand up on its own (so it takes up little space).
    - Lightweight for a double stroller!
    - Like the hard rubber wheels so they don't lose air & go flat.
    - Great pricepoint (we bought on sale at Babies R Us for $229.00).

    Cons - Cup holder is a POS & there are no little snack trays or whatever.
    - The sun canopies should have better coverage (we just throw a blanket or whatever over when its too bright out).
    - Larger wheels would be good - the basket sometimes skims the ground going over speedbumps etc.
    - It would be useful if the storage basket was easier to access when kids are in the stroller - maybe a pull-down clip or something?
    - It would be nice if the handle was adjustable, you can't change the height.
    - Bigger kids will find their legs are a little long for the foot-rests & if the seat is facing the stroller their feet may sit in the basket.

    Honestly, it has been great for us so far. I think it'd be hard to find a tandem double stroller that does the job better!
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    I was also intrigued by the additional seats that can be added/ removed from certain strollers. Just be sure to check the weight limits on them. For us they were ruled out because our boys were too heavy for them by 2 and a half!
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