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    I don't want to nurse the next one. Nursed my first three with no problems at all. I just don't want to do it again-been nursing babies three years straight (extended breastfeeding)! I'm over it. But I have no idea how to exclusively formula feed since I only used the occasional bottle with my first.

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    I BF for two weeks and then mixed for another ten weeks before giving up the boob altogether. BF was very painful for me (NOT a latch problem), my baby wanted to feed continiously and I had to return to part time work very quickly after birth. I am the breadwinner in the family.
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    Thanks, ladies. Your comments are very helpful. It was so traumatic for me to let go of the idea of breastfeeding my first one. We started out so strong, and I never anticipated his rejection of the breast at four months. So many people made me feel just horrible about my "failure." I think it's holding me back psychologically from putting myself in that position again. I think I would rather suffer shame and criticism for a choice that I have made than for something beyond my control.
    I also suffered from some physical ramifications for over a year after I quit bf'ing him. I really saw my son thrive, even on formula, so I know it's good stuff. I enjoyed the tender moments I had bf'ing him, but I'm not sure I can handle the physical/emotional/psychological toll even for a month or two. My husband also works a lot, which leaves me home with our toddler. Not looking forward to trying to juggle working part time, also working from home, breastfeeding one, and potty-training another! I think perhaps formula would help me to relax and enjoy new baby more. I'm going to be thinking a lot about this, as I got a positive pregnancy test result this morning! :-)
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    #6 due 10/2015

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    @mulme944 Congratulations!

    The fearless formula feeder website has a lot of good information on bottle feeding. If you have any specific questions, I think there is a way to ask them there as well.

    I thought bottle feeding was fairly easy. You don't need to warm formula for an exclusively bottle fed baby, most are fine with room temperature milk. It took us awhile, but we eventually figured out that we could fill the baby bottles with water before bed then just add the formula powder (kept handy in a formula portioner on the bedside table next to the baby bottles of water) and shake it up. This way we did not need to get out of bed or even turn the light on for middle of the night feedings (our son slept in our room in a separate crib for the first six months.) We probably had to be slightly more awake to manage this than breastfeeding, but the advantage is that formula fed babies need to be fed less often, so we were waking up less.

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