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    Choosing not to breastfeed

    Has anyone done so? I am aware that this is heresy in many circles (including my own local community.) But my husband and I are currently TTC #2, and we have begun discussing privately the possibility that I may choose not to breastfeed #2. Any berries have any helpful/ supportive feedback or personal experiences to share?
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    This was not exactly my situation, since we adopted our son. If I have given birth, I am sure I would have tried breastfeeding. Breastfeeding, including extended breastfeeding, is certainly the normal thing in our community. Mixing up bottles of formula in public did get me the side eye. My mother was a Lactivist back in the 1970s and I am pretty sure that she still thinks formula is poison.

    But I did read up about the benefits of breastfeeding vs formula feeding. I felt confident in feeding our son given that the most recent and thorough studies show that there is no significant long term difference between breast and formula fed babies. The mother I babysit for did opt to not attempt to breastfeed. She did try with her first baby, but decided not to try with the second. I don't know all of the whys and wherefores of her situation, but I know that she said that breastfeeding made her miserable, and she wanted to be able to enjoy this baby. She is a nurse with a masters degree in public health, and I know that she had a solid basis for this decision.

    Despite bottle feeding, my husband and I were both able to bond very closely with our son. We held him for 100% of his bottle feedings. I think it is possible to "nurse" a baby even if the baby is getting the milk from a bottle. He was always fed with love and undivided attention. He is now a very bright, happy, and affectionate two and a half year old.

    I recommend the website Fearless Formula Feeders if you want to hear from women who really have opted not to breastfeed since it wasn't completely my decision not to. Good luck in your decision and in TTC!

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    I've never breastfed any of my 5 kids. It was just something I couldnt get comfortable with. I've not felt embarrassed or ashamed for formula feeding, (although some of my husband's family would like to make me feel that way), just like I wouldn't want to make someone who breastfeeds feel that way. My kids are all super healthy and always have been, and I've definitely always bonded with them right away, so I'm not too worried about giving my newest one formula. I think to each her own, and its definitely a personal choice that you shouldn't let anyone push you into (either choice!)
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    I only breastfed #4 for about 2 months, and I have to say that while breastfeeding is great, I was MUCH happier once we started formula.

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with formula feeding. Period.
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    Second the recommendation my first was bottle fed entirely. My 8 month old still bfs like a champ. My 2 experiences were so different. But I say ff moms deserve all the support that bf moms get. Best of luck!
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