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    Red face Opinions on a Name Change -- Capucine

    I have been sure about wanting to change my first name for years now, but haven't been able to settle on one name for the longest time. At this point I have 100% decided to legally change my name to Capucine. I'm very sure about it. I live in the United States and I'm aware of the mispronunciation issues and spelling issues I'll have because it's a French name, but I've accepted that. I'm very interested in the French culture, know a decent amount of French and plan to become fluent, and could even see myself moving to France one day.

    I want to know what an outsider would think of this name change. My birth name is a VERY common name to the point of being cliche, so I worry that changing it to Capucine comes off as pretentious or plain ridiculous? I don't think anything will change my mind. I'm quite headstrong, but also just curious. In addition, as a personal choice, I know that I'm never going to have children in the future... so I almost approached this name change as an opportunity to pick a name I love most, as I would do if I had a daughter. Instead, it was an opportunity to settle on a new name that ended up being a process of years.

    Unique names have naturally been appealing to me in this process because my birth name is so common. So even if I hadn't decided on Capucine, it would be another name of somewhat equal rarity. Others I considered for a while were Wilhelmina, Delphine, Bijou, Margaux, Marguerite, etc, but decided against them for whatever reason.

    Just wondering what other Berries think of this situation.

    Any comments on the name in general are welcome as well

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    It is a very daring choice, and will attract rather a lot of attention, and no doubt people will want to ask you about it. If you are comfortable with that then you absolutely must go for it. It is YOUR name, your choice, your life.
    Best of luck!
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    I respect your decision and the thought you have put into making it. I admire you because I have thought a lot about changing my name too. I still might but I have only just begun to think about what name I would rather have. It's a bit daunting.

    I'm not trying to change your mind but I am a big believer in trying stuff out before committing. I wouldn't buy new shoes without trying them on first to see what it is like to walk, stand, turn, jump in them. A name is a bigger deal than shoes. Did you try on the name already? Did you live as Capucine and tell your friends/family to call you Capucine & introduce yourself to new people with your new name? If so, then what was it like when you did that?

    How is Capucine pronounced?
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    Well, of course, it's completely your choice. However...I think Capucine would come across as a bit pretentious especially if your name is very common.
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    Are you aware of the French model, actress of the same name? See Pink Panther (1960). It being an unusual name it will be people's first association if they have any so I'd make sure I'm okay with it to start with. I think legally changing a name is a huge step. Can't you just adapt it as your name of choice you go by. As a nickname you might be able to pull it off as fun or cool without it coming across as pretentious. Best of luck with either decision.

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