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    What kind of car would you want?

    If you needed a new car today, what would you want?

    I'd like the BMW i3...the orange-ish one...because that seems to be the best plug-in hybrid currently on the market. And it's cute and cool looking at the same time. But I actually hope my current car lasts a while more because hopefully there will be even better electric/hybrid cars on the market then!

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    An old mini cooper or a Skoda City Go. I only need a small car and either of those would suit me perfectly!
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    I don't actually have a car yet - I'm unemployed and cannot afford one, plus I only passed my test a couple of months ago. But, if I could afford a brand new car, I would get a Citroen C1 - looks like a cute, little city runabout car. I learned in a Citroen DS3, so I imagine it would be quite similar. Or I would get a Vauxhall Astra because that's what my Mum drives, and I'm currently sharing it.

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    A hard top Jeep Wrangler.
    I want to put canoes on top, have my dog in the back, and go camping!
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    I'm looking to buy a Nissan Versa at the end of August, but I would loveeee to have a Volkswagon Tiguan hybrid.
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