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Thread: Darcy

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    I love Darcy for a boy- gorgeous, romantic, evocative, and with the Mr Darcy reference! Declan, Brooks, Crew, and Royal all seem rather rough-and-tumble though while Darcy is softer and more sensitive, so they don't seem like a natural sibset.
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    All girl to me, I'm sorry (it's probably because I loved Winx Club as a kid and there's a witch called Darcy in it).

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    My sister's name is Darcey and I always though the feminine version was with the E and Male without the E. That at least was always my understanding of it. I love it for both girls and boys.

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    I'm in agreement with the other berries. Yes it is a boy name, Mr. Darcy, very romantic and lovely I could see him with brothers Heathcliff and Bennett but not with Declan, Brooks, Crew, and Royal in that grouping I would assume he was a she.
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    I think it's more of a girl name, sorry! My mom told me that she thought it was a weird name for a man when she first saw the movie of Pride and Prejudice because she had grown up only knowing female Darcys! It might be embarrassing for a boy to hear that his name is mainly used on girls too.. And we should also keep in mind that Darcy was Mr. Darcy's last name, so his sister would have been called Ms. Darcy.. Just because there's a "Mr." in front doesn't make it a more masculine name!

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