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Thread: Indra?

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    My husband mentioned it last night and I've been thinking about it. At first I thought it was strange and I wasn't sure but I have to admit that it is growing on me. I'm curious about what you all think of it!

    Some middle names we'd probably consider are:
    Indra France
    Indra Melody/Melodie
    Indra Fairamay
    Indra Maeve

    If you have any suggestions for the middle then we'd love to her them.

    Another question I have is about Indira, as I'm still a little unsure about Indra and Indira seems like a nice alternative to Indra if we dont agree on it. The only thing is that I'm unsure about how Indira is pronounced. How would you pronounce it?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Well the Kardashians' little sisters just wrote a book with a city named Indra so that's something to keep in mind! Honestly, it seems a little... "cut off" to me (if that makes sense.) It also sounds like an attempt to revamp Kendra. Indira is more established, and flows better out of the mouth, I think. Indira Maeve is PRECIOUS too! I say it In-deer-uh. If not, there's always India or "Indie". Good luck!
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    I say In-deer-uh as well. I prefer it to Indra.
    There is also Indigo.
    And Indra also reminds me of Alondra, which is very pretty, IMO.
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    I don't really care for it. No offense.
    I do like Indie, and India and Indira are pretty alternates.

    If you like Indra you may also like: Ilaria, Ivanna, Imani, Ivory, Soleil, and Ira or Isla.

    Ivanna Melody
    Indira Melody
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    My first thought was that it was missing a vowel, and should be Indira (I pronounce it in-deer-a), which I like a bit better. Indra is still pretty though, and reminds me of Audra.
    For middles, I much prefer the balance of the more traditional/recognizable, multi-syllabic options Indra Melody, etc. over Indra France.

    Indra Simone
    Indra Caroline
    Indra Coraline
    Indra Maris
    Indra Beatrice

    Hmm, I'm having trouble coming up w/ middles that don't slur into the last "-dra" syllable of Indra. Indra Margaret sounds like "injured Margaret," Indra Daisy sounds like "intra-day..." trading perhaps, and Indra Celeste is "enter Celeste." Even Indra Violet makes me thinks"ultra-violet."

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