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    I actually really love Erica. It's so pretty! I wouldn't use it myself (my hubby hates it and it sounds awful with our surname) but I would love to meet a little girl called Erica!

    I've never had a name dream before but I think it would be interesting to have one and see what names pop up!
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    My baby dreams always cut off before I get to hear their names. Its quite frustrating!

    I love dream names. I think you should always write them down to remember.
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    I like Erica a lot! I always thought it was a strong name.

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    My grandmother is named Ericka, so it has been in the back of my mind as an honouring name for most of my life.
    I don't love Ericka myself, but I'm obviously very partial to it. It has served her very well she was born in Austria in 1926 so I don't think of it so much as a 70s/80s name.
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    I like Erica. And I am so envious of your dream! I'd love to have one of those.

    For the person who said the little curly haired blondie Charlotte couldn't be your daughter - DH and I are dark brunettes w hazel eyes. DD was born w black hair that has turned golden blonde in the last 15mos and her eyes are blue (both of her grandfathers have blue eyes so she won the genetic lottery ;-) Right now beyond her nose and chin she looks adopted ;-) So that could be your little girl!
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