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    Spunky & Sparkly

    Hey Berries,

    I have recently fallen in love with the name Arcadia. It's interesting & spunky, I love it! It's a bit out there, so I'm thinking it might be more suitable for a middle, but I could be persuaded (Just thinking is might be a bit unfair having (eg) Audrey, Aleka & Arcadia, if you get what I mean.)

    Arcadia need something short, spunky & sweet. Short as in four letter max. Nothing too old fashioned (I love old names, but they don't work with Arcadia for me) or too popular.

    A few examples that I probably couldn't use, but I like:

    -Tavi Arcadia (almost everything is perfect about this, but the connection to Tavi Gevinson is probably too strong (I don't mind the tie though.))
    Liv Arcadia (flow is off and I can't use Liv due to River being my top boys' name.)
    Emi Arcadia (I really like the idea of having a vaguely Japanese name with Arcadia, this is just the wrong one.)

    Thank you!
    Jude, blackbird.

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    Hmmmm, you're giving me a challenge here!

    Edie Arcadia
    Poppy Arcadia (it's 5, but I can't resist, I love the sounds)
    Amy Arcadia
    Nettie Arcadia (another 5 letter one)
    Demi Arcadia
    Esme Arcadia
    Enid Arcadia
    Fern Arcadia
    Erin Arcadia
    Iris Arcadia
    Ivy Arcadia
    Juni Arcadia
    Juno Arcadia
    Lani Arcadia ()
    Lilo Arcadia
    Lulu Arcadia
    Nola Arcadia
    Posy Arcadia
    Zola Arcadia
    Romy Arcadia
    Lois Arcadia
    Edna Arcadia (I know you said no old fashioned but it works, and Edna's become a crush of mine).
    Zoe Arcadia
    Kit Arcadia (prefer Kit on a boy though)
    Una Arcadia
    Noa Arcadia
    Lilla Arcadia
    Livia Arcadia (Livia and River sound lovely for siblings)
    I can think of loads of 5 letter names, but not many others it seems.

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    Arcadia is one of my favourite "slightly out-there" names! Love It
    ~Izzy, looking for a new nickname
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    * My name is Adelaide. I love to play with names.*
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