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    Middle name help please! :)

    Hi there!
    After waaaay too much deliberation, I think we may actually be down to our final two first names: Lucy and Teagan.

    Big sister is Brynn. Last name is Moorehead. On the hunt for good middle names that will flow well as we've given up on trying to honor family members with the middles.

    Particularly stuck on what Teagan's middle would be: Teagan Sloane? Teagan Elise? It kind of feels like it needs a feminine one syllable middle. For Lucy, I just have Lucy Grier which is my best friend'a name, but hubby isn't thrilled about it. You all are so good at this, help me!

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    I like Lucy with Brynn, just my vote, lol. I like the idea of Lucy Teagan actually. I really don't care for Grier, but I think it does flow really well with Lucy. I also like Teagan Elise.
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    Lucy Madeline
    Lucy Coraline
    Lucy Jane
    Lucy Bliss
    Lucy Belle
    Lucy Imogen
    Lucy Rae
    Sorry...not a fan of Teagan, but Lucy is so, so sweet!

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    Wow, no love for Teagan, eh?!

    Thanks for all the great Lucy middle names…I like Lucy Bliss, Lucy Jane, and Lucy Belle a lot. Lucy Teagan is ok maybe too… Others?

    Anyone out there with a thought on a cute mn for Teagan___ Moorehead?

    We will probably wait until we meet her to decide on which name we use, but I'd like to have a couple full names ready to go, and we only have a few more weeks!
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