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Thread: 15 Kids BNG!

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    15 Kids BNG!

    You are 14 years old and your 16 yr old boyfriend wants to have sex, after pestering you for hours. You give in because you don't want to get into a fight with him. A week later, you find put your pregnant with a baby boy and want to name it after a man in your family so they won't get mad at you.

    It's your sweet 16 and everything is going great! Your son is happy and your boyfriend proposes to you! A little celebration leads to your second pregnancy and you find out its a girl! You name it the daintiest and prettiest name you can think of.

    You're 20 now, you have married and moved to the countryside and have a wonderful life! You decide you are ready for a commitment by trying for another child. And you succeed. A new baby girl is on the way and you want to name her something from the countryside.

    22 and your family have expanded fast the kids are staying with your parents and after a few drinks you find yourself pregnant with triplets, 2 boys and 1 girl. You want their names to rhyme or start with the same letter.

    25 and now you're a mum of 6 and enjoying it! Your husband gets a pay rise at work and CELEBRATION TIME..... And pregnant once again. A little boy who is your little angel and you give him a name as good for a king.

    You are now 30 years old and your oldest son is in love <3 all your kids are at school and you miss the feeling of having a little baby, you try again and whoops...... SEXTUPLETS. 4 girls and 2 boys. You name them your favorite typical American names.

    Now your the mum of 13 kids, but your little sister is pregnant with twin girls. She's only young and going off to university and she asks you to adopt them. Of course you accept and get the name the babies. But the middle names must be after her.

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    Me: Ava Penelope Stevens.
    BF: Gabriel Alexander Callen.

    Mother: Laura Catherine Stevens (Mandel).
    Father: Christopher Thomas Stevens.
    Sister: Leah Rosemary Stevens.

    1. Liam Christopher Callen.
    2. Cordelia Jane Callen.

    Bride & Bridesmaids:
    Ring Bearer:
    Flower Girl:

    Bridesmaids: Victoria Mariane Cassavetes & Leah Rosemary Stevens.
    Groomsmen: Declan Michael Stack & Joshua Jameson Diaz.
    Ring Bearer: Liam Christopher Callen.
    Flower Girl: Cordelia Jane Callen.


    3. Daisy Catherine Callen.
    4. Sirius James Callen.
    5. Sebastian John Callen.
    6. Sophie Mae Callen.
    7. Edward Raphael Callen.
    8. Chloe Isabelle Callen.
    9. Avery Caitlin Callen.
    10. Emily Charlotte Callen.
    11. Olivia Marie Callen.
    12. Jacob Christian Callen.
    13. Tyler Andrew Callen.

    Leah's BF: Daniel Francis Ferreira.

    14. (A) Isabella Rose Stevens.
    15. (A) Samantha Mary Stevens.

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